by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 13, 2013) — October 13 is the official birthday of the U.S. Navy, which makes it 238 years old today.

October 13 is also the day in 1989 on which CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III received a telephone call stating that his orders to attend the Naval War College had been canceled as a result of charges leveled against him by his commanding officer, Adm. John Bitoff and his staff judge advocate, Lt. Timothy Zeller.

October 12 was the 24th anniversary of the contrived court-martial which was held “behind closed doors” whose outcome was predetermined.  On Saturday, Fitzpatrick placed a call to Bitoff to offer him another opportunity to participate in the special project in which Fitzpatrick has been deeply involved for the last several months.

Over the last 24 years, Fitzpatrick has acquired a massive and comprehensive compilation of documents from the Department of the Navy proving the collusion between Bitoff and members of his staff beginning in 1989 and continuing to this day.  An unknown number of senior officers have participated in the ensuing cover-up, including former Chief of Naval Operations Mike Boorda, who committed suicide in 1996 after several scandals had rocked the Navy, including the 1991 Tailhook affair.

An original document with Fitzpatrick’s forged signature which he never saw or signed following the court-martial is believed to be maintained in the court-martial file by the Department of the Navy, which has refused to respond to requests to reopen the investigation which found the criminal and then abruptly stopped because it would make the Navy “look really bad.”

Through the amassing of the extensive document record, Fitzpatrick has shown that Bitoff conspired with his staff to frame Fitzpatrick for a crime he did not commit, thereby destroying his chances for promotion and eventually retiring him in 1994 after 20 years of service.  Fitzpatrick had planned on serving longer, and his immediate supervisor, Capt. Michael Nordeen, had given him outstanding reviews, the last of which was in 1988.

Fitzpatrick related that Bitoff’s wife answered the phone and told him that her husband didn’t want to speak with him.  “He’s standing right here,” Maureen Bitoff added.

He continued:

I told her that today is the 24th anniversary of the day that John Bitoff, with Capt. Edwards and Paul Romanski and the others…and she cut me off.  “I know about this,” she said. “You’re obsessive-compulsive.”

And I said, “Look, I’m calling to let John Bitoff to know that I’m extending an invitation to participate in the book,” and I said that three times, and she said, “Well, we know all about it.  We know everything about the book.”

This is all through the Defense Department.  It’s certainly throughout the Department of the Navy.  You and I have both been calling some very high-profile people.  I can sense that there has been a groundswell of email exchanges back and forth.

Maureen Bitoff worked hard to hide her panic.  Of course, he didn’t have to hide his panic, because the coward that he is, he refused to come to the phone. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on, and he knows it.

She attacked my mental health.  And she kept asking me, “Why are you doing this?”  She asked me over and over.

I was thinking to myself, “Excuse me…”

One of the sections in the book will be my answer to Maureen Bitoff.  She has opened up the door, and I will take that question downtown.

This is the attack:  it’s an attack against my mental health.  She said, “You have a lovely and distinguished name, Walter.   Have you done anything with your life?”  She said, “You need treatment; there are treatments available out there for you.  Have you accomplished anything?”  And then I got, “Why are you doing this?” over and over again.”

I told her, “I have contact information for Ms. Rondeau,” but she said, “Oh, no, we don’t need any of that.”

This writer spoke with John Bitoff approximately two years ago, but he refused to go on the record.

Since leaving the Navy, Fitzpatrick has held elected office in Washington State, where he exposed corruption; assisted several members of the military to defend themselves successfully against courts-martial; exposed the corrupt military “justice” system which denies constitutional protections to those serving; exposed systemic corruption and grand jury tampering in the Tenth Judicial District of Tennessee; been jailed on five occasions for exposing said corruption; been robbed of more than $10,000-worth of cash, furnishings, food, and household goods without redress; and had his military pension inexplicably garnished by two-thirds for nearly two years.

Fitzpatrick is the recipient of numerous awards and medals for his naval service.

Marine Corps whistleblower Maj. James Weirick was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation after he exposed manipulation by Commandant James Amos of disciplinary actions taken against eight Marines in a case of alleged abuse of Taliban corpses in Afghanistan in 2011.  Weirick’s emails were even said by Amos’ attorney to have “triggered safety concerns” as “a red flag” because Weirick referred to himself in the third person rather than in the first person.

Weirick’s attorney, with whom Fitzpatrick has spoken on the topic of military corruption, told the press that her client was retaliated against for exposing the commandant’s interference with the prosecution in the cases against the Marines.

Both Fitzpatrick and this writer have contacted dozens of Navy officers, past and present, to seek input for the book which Fitzpatrick is writing on the court-martial.  Out of those, only one granted an interview, which shed light on where the court-martial record may or may not have been found, according to Capt. Rand Pixa, the Navy JAG Inspector General tasked with locating it in 1997 to commence an investigation.

No one else has been willing to speak on the record, if at all, and only a few have responded to numerous communications.  The U.S. Navy therefore continues to knowingly maintain a fraudulent document as authentic and a wrongful federal conviction against Fitzpatrick.

The U.S. military has attempted to sue some of its former members who have written books about their experiences in the service.  However, it cannot prevent Fitzpatrick from releasing the documents which prove the charges against him were fraudulent because they were unclassified years ago and he has already notified the Navy of his intentions without response.

Some documents relating to the court-martial have never been released in the nearly quarter-century since the court-martial was carried out with ghost witnesses and a key “missing” piece of evidence which has never resurfaced.

Scores, if not hundreds, of Navy personnel will be exposed as criminal co-conspirators when the book is published.


Editor’s Note:  CDR Fitzpatrick is in desperate need of funds to complete the manuscript of the book and for personal needs.  If anyone is able to assist, please send donations to:

CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III
P.O. Box 293
Athens, TN  37371-0293

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  1. These things can happen in any branch of service, unfortunately. I had an Army friend that was stationed in Germany and was working undercover in Military Police. At the time, he was working with GSG-9 and was spotted by the Bader Meinhof gang that was a problem there in that era. He was told he had to get out of Germany in three days or that the gang would kill him. He was sent down to Panama to a base there. Shortly after being there, he discovered that the base CO was involved in drug trafficking with the locals. He mentioned it to someone in Command and not long after he was being threatened, his records “disappeared” and weird things started happening. So, he decided to leave active service and the Army lost a good man. Other stories I won’t go into at this time. Usually bad people are discovered and either justice, imprisonment, or discharge happens to these people, in Walt’s case, it didn’t happen and was planned to be wrong by Command. The fact that he got outstanding reviews from his CO was proof that he was a promising Officer. Jealousy or other factors came into play. Bitoff, being a one star, was probably the main instigator. The fact that the wife acted that way prooves to me they were probably Democrats and not quality Navy people, more there for the paycheck than dedicated to the Navy, doing the minimum/the easy path for retirement. Just the same type of people that we have in the White House hiding Obama’s identity fraud and eligibility with loads of lies and distractions to gain some personal financial or step up in their corrupted system. The Navy would be best to assign someone to be a representative to Walt and try to solve the problem and return Walt’s record to a clean slate. I have to wonder what will happen if anything since it would cost them to admit there was a problem and like most Command structures or Corporations would rather try to let it die than to admit having to address the problem. There is no doubt that Walt is an Outstanding Officer and a man of character. Not only have others been jailed, harrassed, beaten down for standing up for the Constitution, but the media has generally ignored all of this except The Post Email. Darren Huff, another Navy Veteran that stood with Walt as a witness to serving a legal Criminal Presentment, unarmed and peaceful, was illegally arrested, forced to stand at a phony trial and denied his rights where the end was predetermined for sentencing? He was shackled and taken to Texarkana Texas prison for four years for a crime he did not commit. What about him? Walt has been trying to stand up for five years now against this criminal organization and we know the criminal usurper coward ordered all this to happen. The U.S. IS under a silent COUP and USURPATION and most of the people don’t know or understand what is going on. It makes me angry and sick to my stomach to see our Officers being attacked by the “Government” that they have sworn allegiance to and our Constitution being completely ignored so that the Obama criminals can operate unbridled and theft is out of control in the Government. With the recent retirement of Admiral Mike Mullen, we can clearly see the effect of Command Rackeeters and Criminal Politicians and his last push to legalize homosexuality in the Military, eliminate Prayer and ANY Christian presence by threatening to arrest Chaplains or Veterans from praying.