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by Sharon Rondeau

A three-day protest of constitutional abuses begins on Friday, October 11 and lasts through Sunday, October 13, during which as many as 10,000 tractor-trailer drivers and supporters are expected to travel around Washington, DC

(Oct. 11, 2013) — On Thursday, The Post & Email wrote a story based on an article at RedState.com which cited “sources” which allegedly had told the writer that a plan to close down I-495 to deter truckers and others traveling to Washington, DC for protests had been planned.

The author of the article, Glenn Ryt, now says that his piece was “satire.”

The Post & Email did not vouch for the accuracy of the report but rather, attempted to perform its own due diligence by placing a call to the U.S. Department of Transportation which was ultimately not returned.

We were aware that the president does not normally have jurisdiction over National Guardsmen, who were cited in the article as allegedly having been tasked with closing down I-495.  The National Guard fall under the purview of each state governor; however, many National Guardsmen were called upon by President George W. Bush to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan under their “federal provision.”

Ryt insists that he utilized “tactics” employed by “liberals” and the “mainstream media,” specifically, “unnamed, secretive sources.”  However, the difference is that many mainstream media sources are credible because of their positions in government and provide documentation to support their claims.

The Committee to Protect Journalists reported on Thursday that many former inside sources are reticent to speak with journalists because of the Obama regime’s prosecutions of its employees under the Espionage Act of 1917, which it has used more than any of the former presidencies combined.

Ryt said that the shutdown of I-495 “could have happened” and purports to have an observer in the Beltway on Friday morning.

Ryt appeared to justify his false post by stating, “I left clues all over the place as to what I was doing – such as the headline and subheadline of the original article having a QUESTION MARK and other indications that these are UNCONFIRMED REPORTS.  And most important, I came clean and admitted it was a satire, by early afternoon, and without delay, right here in this second in the series article.”  He said his actual purpose in writing the article was to promote the “Freedom Leadership Conference.”

The operator of RedState, Erick Erickson, is a Fox News contributor and has hosted a radio show on WSB radio.  He has been unwilling to discuss the Obama eligibility/identity question, having stated in 2010 that “Birfers and Truthers have no place among us.  And they are most decidedly not welcome at RedState.com.”

As a result of Mr. Erickson’s closed-mindedness, The Post & Email will not bother to register at his site and inform him of his contributing writer’s irresponsibility in publishing his “satire” and failing to label it before publication as such.

Just prior to the release of Dr. Jerome Corsi’s book, Where’s the Birth Certificate? Esquire Magazine published an unlabeled piece which it later claimed was “satire” but is now the subject of a multi-million-dollar lawsuit as a result of loss of sales.

The Post & Email’s Editor Emeritus, John Charlton, called Erickson a “clever progressive” and “just one apparatchik of an entire generation of Republicans who have joined forces with the Democrats in a mass apostasy against the U.S. Constitution…”

True journalism is a search for the truth, not satire.

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  1. The Espionage Act of 1917 is no longer the current law. See: 18USCA,Sec 793.

    BTW, Obama having usurped the Presidency during time of war is a spy under Espionage Laws. See: UCMJ 906.106

  2. Not “welcome?”

    The converse of that is that they are VOUCHING for Obama’s documents, SSN, etc.

    We see the so called “RINOS” lambasting the Tea Party, Cruz, etc., but they ALL KNOW of the RESPONSES to Donation calls from the RNC.

    These include some of the LARGEST donors (usually) who are telling the solicitors, “Not this year! We are giving to the TEA PARTY for them to support those candidates they endorse!”

    Of course, certain “establishment” outlets and party bigs are livid:
    their power base is drying up. Just as the Democratic Party has kept minorities on its plantation, the Republican Party has done the same to Conservatives. Before elections they are coddled and smooth-talked, and after the election walked all over.

    When we read that “Birthers” are “not welcome” we should be aware that it is code for “No room for Conservatives at the Country Club” where they THINK Republican values reign. They are wrong: those values are inculcated at Home, in our businesses, in our communities and places of worship. Many agree with Martha Trowbridge that those naysayers are “jerks!”

  3. Erick Erickson is a traitor, who chose to kick people off his site (theobamatimeline.com included) in order to stay in good graces with CNN and Fox and get television appearances. He put his own personal career ahead of the nation. Pond scum has greater morals.

  4. Erick kicked me off of Red State years ago because of my “birther” comments. It should be noted that Erick is from Columbus, GA and a friend of Judge Land (at least I believe this to be true) who was very unfriendly to Orly in Federal Court there. Coincidence?? I think not! Other than this one point, I generally agree with Erick. Be safe and God bless!