With the Imposition of “Obamacare,” the U.S. is Formally a Fascist Country


by Col. Bob Pappas, USMC, Ret., ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Oct. 1, 2013) — In short, just watching what is happening in Washington, D.C. is immediate proof; Obama’s political supporters, illegal immigrants, given access to the Mall while Vets are denied access to War Memorials.  For those who can make it there is a huge “come as you are event” at the World War II Veterans’ War Memorial in Washington, D.C. on October 13th at 9 a.m. All D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey area Veterans are encouraged to be there as is anyone else who can do it from anywhere in the Country. More information can be found at www.VetMarch.com.  But…read on.

The House of Representatives originates all spending in the United States, although that has been tyrannically perverted (by refusing to negotiate with the House), by Senate Democrats in conjunction with the Obama Administration. During Obama’s first year, the Democrat-controlled Congress added 30% to spending through the “Stimulus” and “Omnibus” spending bills. Those two bills combined added $1.2 trillion to annual spending. Since then the Senate under the leadership of Harry Reid (incidentally, Nevada is the only State exempted from the Affordable Care Act.) and as directed by Obama, has not passed a spending bill. That alone is unconstitutional, but with the current Administration’s Attorney General effectively being an extension of the White House political machine rather than the independent law enforcement agency it is supposed to be, nothing can be expected to happen.

There is one other issue that stands in the way of Constitutional accountability, the media. It is evident and has been since Obama came on the scene that the media, aside from “fair and balanced” (and it is), Fox News Channel, and talk radio that is dominated by conservatives, the media otherwise are shills for the White House. Fox News dominates Cable and conservative talk radio dominates talk radio, but those two are insufficient to overcome the combined propaganda efforts of all other Obama-supporting media.

The Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) was passed only by buying and manipulation of Senate and House votes. Further, it was passed unilaterally by Democrats during a period when virtually all opinion polls indicated that well over 60% of the American public strongly opposed the Bill, now Law. The Supreme Court subsequently held that the Law was unconstitutional unless the penalty for individuals who declined to buy insurance was relabeled a “tax.” Readers may wish to visit Gulf1.com and read “Obamacare,” Taxes, and Americans’ Freedom, July 7th, 2012.

Annually since the advent of the Obama Administration, the House has passed legislation that funds the government. In response to the House funding bill the Senate has repeatedly stonewalled it, effectively forcing the House to pass a Continuing Resolution. A Continuing Resolution appropriates the same amount of money that was appropriated the previous year with a 3% bump up to offset inflation.  Since February 2009 annual spending increased by 30% above the 2008 Federal Budget baseline. The past 6 years of the Obama Administration have added $7.2 trillion to aggregate spending. The fact that the House is now in the hands of Republicans did not break that spending cycle since the Senate, which is in the hands of Democrats steadfastly refuses to negotiate or act on Budgets Passed by the House, other than to reject them.

It is a matter of fact that the “Obamacare” Law was unilaterally and manipulatively passed by a Democrat controlled Congress on the heels of a $1.2 trillion increase in the baseline budget. This has resulted in a $17 trillion debt ceiling which the Obama Administration wants to increase at the exact time when the nation is least able to tolerate it.  Notably Obama strongly and repeatedly asserted during the Bush years that increasing the debt limit which at the time was $8 trillion was unpatriotic. Now we know that his statement was politically motivated bovine scatology! Nothing new there.

Obama’s health care objective from before he was elected was to have a nationalized (single-payer) health care system. That is the underlying motive: to force its introduction while knowing that it will collapse and be followed by government-run nationalized health care.

In light of all this, it is unconscionable to move forward with “Obamacare,” a law that arguably destroys businesses; damages the ability of many of those businesses that continue to afford health care for their employees; effectively increases the annual cost for health care insurance by $10 thousand dollars per household except for those that choose to pay the $95 per person tax (which is subsidized for the “poor”) not to mention large deductibles; covers illegal aliens who are disguised as citizens; destroys the 40-hour work week resulting in part-time employment for a huge sector of the population and making it impossible for them to afford insurance; and, is the formal transformation of the United States into a Fascist country (without the ultra-nationalism).

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