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by OPOVV, ©2013

If the Constitution is dismantled, what will we have left?

(Oct. 9, 2013) — A misspoken word here, a graphic not quite accurate there. A television commercial that is skewed towards a particular political philosophy through the use of race, gender, words, accent, camera angles, sound and color. The repeated use of “president Obama” when, in point of fact, Obama is nothing more than a de facto president. The  inclusion of Islam when “other” religions are listed, implying that Islam is also a religion. We are constantly undulated with reminders that, basically, it’s a done deal (the Islamic takeover of America), and we might as well just shut up and accept it as an inevitable fact of life.

Sorry, just can’t do that: lay down and take it. The forces that are aligned against our Constitution are legion, especially since our Judicial branch of government has turned its back on ITS Oath to preserve and protect. The only difference between Americans and the other peoples of the world has been our ability to put no one above the law, but since Obama, that notion has been quashed by two epic battles, and in both cases the Constitution has come out second best.

The first of these epic battles occurred at a polling place in 2008 where a group of New Black Panthers intimidated voters, actually driving away those they perceived as opposition voters of their chosen candidate from the their designated polling place. Just to show how uneducated these thugs were, they supported a candidate (Obama) who supported the removal of all of their freedoms.

This crime against the Constitutional rights of some of our citizens was filmed, in color with sound, yet the case was not pursued to its logical conclusion because the US Attorney General adheres to the same political philosophy as our de facto president.

In another landmark case, arguably the most insidious attack on our Constitution since its inception, was the infamous Court Martial of LTC Terry Lakin. What makes Lakin’s kangaroo court-martial so memorable is the fact that Lakin was not allowed to present a defense against the charges leveled against him.  In other words, the honorable Army doctor was not allowed to answer the charges. The verdict was a Dishonorable Discharge and six months in prison for asking to see our de facto’s legal Birth Certificate, thereby proving or disproving Obama’s Constitutional eligibility.

We live on the teetering edge of whether the USA will persevere or will have its history rewritten by the victors, but these victors will destroy rather than add on or build. America will be destroyed, its Constitution trashed, the beacon for Freedom forever extinguished. Our land will survive, the geographic reality will remain, but the people will be murdered, relocated, or will die out for various reasons, with worked or starved to death at the top of the list.

The signs are there for anyone to see, even for the densest Obot imaginable. The Nazi blueprint worked wonders in 1930’s Germany, and the same modus operandi are being used today, not the least of which is subliminal suggestions that catch the not-so-smart into believing that socialism is a good form of government and that communism makes everyone equal. The reality is that socialism has never worked and communism is the most unfair form of government possible.

Be aware of what you see, read and hear; chances are that someone is trying to take you for a ride, promising you something for nothing. Use the brain that God gave you and become a part of the solution, rather than a victim of the problem.


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