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by Sharon Rondeau

Alexander Hamilton

(Oct. 9, 2013) — On Tuesday evening, The Post & Email spoke with the founder of the idea for a mass convergence of tractor-trailer drivers on Washington, DC over the upcoming three-day weekend of October 11, 12 and 13.  Four days after an initial Facebook page was launched, it generated 50,000 “Likes.”

Of his motives and purpose for the convoy, the founder told The Post & Email, “The principles were set forth by our Founding Fathers.  We’re three-percenters.  We’re the hard-working people in this country, and so were our Founding Fathers.  Somewhere along the way, we got hijacked, and it is what it is.  People don’t want to face the reality; they don’t know their history.  It’s pathetic, a constant fight.  As a whole, the trucker movement has been a long time in coming, and I just took the initiative to move forward with that and help other groups.  We have a huge freedom coalition going right now.  We have gone worldwide.  We have been at this eight months, and we have gotten farther in eight months than the Tea Party and the NRA put together.”

He continued:

On April 15, 2014, we’re going to do this as a world event.  Our biggest support is military from around the world.  They’re getting tired.  They’re getting tired of the killing and the shooting and not understanding and having to come home and live in a hell.  A lot of truckers are ex-military; half the guys I work with are ex-military. As a whole, when they come home, they have very little and they get no thanks.  They get no support. The truck drivers are a brotherhood of unbelievably great people, and they always have been.

We’re the little guy.  You have all these big conglomerate trucking companies.  We’re at the point where we can’t afford to be an owner-operator and let alone if you take any of the big trucking companies’ discounts.  So they get fuel for maybe $2.00-something a gallon, and meanwhile, the regular Joe Blow trucker goes in and he’s paying $4.00-something.  How do you compete with unfair capitalism?  There’s no justice.  Small business, e-Bay and a few other things on the internet are the only things holding this country together.

Small business doesn’t have a chance.  The truck driver is to the point where he can’t afford to go out on the road.  I don’t even own my own truck anymore; I did years ago, but I couldn’t afford it when the fuel prices went to $6.00/gallon in California. Trust me, I enjoy driving truck; I like being out on the road; I like meeting people, I like hiking and going out through Utah in the mountains.  There’s a lot of us who enjoy the wide-open space, but you can’t afford to be out there.  When I can make more here locally than I can on the road, that’s pretty sad.

People really, really need to wake up.  We’re on the verge of not being able to pay our bills.  We’re trillions of dollars in debt.  When he got re-elected, Obama’s words were “We’re going to sit down and talk to people” pretty-much even if he didn’t like them or agree with them to turn the economy around.  That meatball has done nothing, and I said, “OK, it’s time for a fight, because you’re not getting it, buddy.”

The Post & Email:  Right now he’s saying he won’t negotiate unless he gets what he wants first.

Founder:  Oh, no, that’s not happening.  First of all, it’s unconstitutional.  Second of all, with Obamacare, we’re fighting big business.  If you look throughout our history and our Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton said that they would divide this country and regain it.  They did.  We chased these guys all over the world while they were picking up slaves until 1854; the last ship was the USS Constitution.  We got to the point where we had no income as a country; we had to start taxing; we fought each other in a civil war with British weapons while King George was out West slaughtering the Indians.

If you do your history on Britain, they’re in every country. Right now, 73% of the world’s platinum comes from South Africa.  They’ve had this hook, line and sinker…people are so blind to what the British Empire actually controls in the world.  They control the U.N. votes…If people did their homework, they’d wake up and smell the coffee.  We don’t even own most of our oil in this country; BP does.

We’ve been getting hit here in New York State.  We’ve actually had SAS members try to infiltrate us.  We weren’t born yesterday.  Half of us are really educated, but as a whole we get what’s going on in this country and around the world.  They have divided everybody.  Throughout history, the world has been divided upon itself and fought itself for no good reason.

People are contacting me and saying, “We get it.  You got it.  Let’s do this,” because it’s enough. 

Obama’s letting more terrorists go; 148 Palestinian prisoners; five from Gitmo; one young child that killed a bunch of our Marines – they let him go to Canada; Canada released him because he was a child at the time of the crime.  So now you have another terrorist running around there.  It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that our president has committed treason and people don’t listen.  America is so blind as to where we’re headed.

Literally, this is for the truck drivers.  What our freedom coalition is all about is we’re helping and supporting each other.  If there’s a cause that needs to be addressed, we’re addressing them one at a time.  It was just a golden opportunity, the way our economy is and everything else, to do this with a trucking thing now instead of in the spring. It woke people up; it went viral in four days.  They’ve been shutting down web pages and everything else…

The Post & Email:  Who’s been shutting down the web pages?

Founder:  As a whole, Facebook sold stocks…you get it.  When somebody gets mad, and they have a $1,000,000 investment into Facebook, they’re going to suspend people, shut people down…

We’re teaching people how to fight back.  You can do it without being violent.  I tell people, “We can take our country back; you just have to wake up.”  I said, “You guys are running around with guns, but what good is it going to do?  How are you going to rebuild this country?  How are you going to take care of our children?  Grow up and do it our way.”  And people said, “Brilliant.”  So I put this out, and it went viral, and all of a sudden, boom!  One of our fans put up pages to see if the idea would fly, and in four days, it went over 50,000 “Likes.”

The Post & Email:  Why do you think the first Facebook page was taken down?

Founder:  It’s at a point where we’re attacking corporate America, and they control it, and it’s basically where we’re shutting down, saying that we’ve had enough.  Everything is unjust and it’s unfair. It’s to the point where we’re not at critical mass, and they get it.  Even John F. Kennedy said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will eventually make violent revolution inevitable.”   If people even knew how many fires I’ve quashed because people are angry.  We’re joining together in a freedom coalition to help each other make change.  We have to unite.

The Post & Email:  And you’re doing it peacefully.

Founder:  Yes.  Here’s the whole thing, and we let people know with fair warning:  We understand what the Constitution is.  We understand what the Declaration of Independence is.  We understand that our whole entire country has been hijacked, and there are populations within this country that have been mistreated for hundreds of years, such as the black population.  What are people doing?  Now they’re beating on the Arabs.  What do you want to do, just keep starting these little piddly wars because one person did one thing?  9-11 happened because we got bin Laden mad, but we supplied him with weapons to fight the Russians.  People don’t get it.

That’s what we as a group are trying to make people understand.


Editor’s Note:  Part 2 of our interview with the founder will discuss what every individual can do without traveling to Washington, DC this weekend and where he believes the movement is headed.

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  1. This is just the thing I’ve waited almost four years to see!! If this person ever ran for office, I’d vote for him. He so has his finger on our pulse, it is amazing.

    My wife and I can’t travel to D.C. so we will be shut-ins next weekend in whole-hearted support of this endeavor. No traveling, no spending, or anything else we can do.

  2. It appears the Twitter account may have ‘stalled’ again….hung up showing last tweet 1hr ago………

    Breaker Patriots, keep the rubber side down and shinny side up, this load of thanks won’t shift, hammer-down to shut’er down in DC 10-4

  3. I am proud of every trucker who takes part in this, BUT, be sure to count the cost and know there may be repercussions. No whining allowed later. Support one another as this regime strikes back and you can be sure they will. God bless and keep you every one!