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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2013

Barack Hussein Obama (if that is his real name) promised “hope and change” and to “fundamentally transformer the United States of America”

(Oct. 8, 2013) — Once, the beasts of Yellowstone National Park included grizzly bears, moose, elk, bison, wolves and bald eagles.  Recently, however, a new and more rapacious beast showed up there.

At the risk of jumping the gun on the next hourly outrage from the regime at 1600, if there were any remaining doubt concerning the rot and venality of the Emperor and his goons – including the goons at Yellowstone Park who are “just following orders” in order to “make life as difficult for people as we can” – one need read no farther than this.

The reports of these outrages must come as welcome news to SEIU (those rangers might make good security guards at the next National Mall illegal alien rave) and the Emperor himself.

It is bad enough for the regime’s storm troopers to denigrate, punish and detain Americans.  But when they start doing the same thing to senior citizen visitors from Japan, Canada and Australia, an argument could be made that the Emperor is flirting with retaliatory actions by those nations against Americans there. 

Oh, wait… I forgot… the Emperor no longer cares about Americans – as if he ever did – or how they are treated.  Instead, he cares only about “making life as difficult for people” as possible in order to get his own way.  What was I thinking?  Sorry… my bad.

To all those sorry souls who voted for this illegitimate poseur, not once, but twice: are ya happy now? 

Oh, and BTW: where is the mainstream media and the ACLU on this event?


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  1. ALL of these instances – Yellowstone, WW II memorial, VietNam memorial, Mt. Rushmore, etc., etc. are just a prelude to the FEMA camps. If we allow these individual violations of our liberty, FEMA is knocking at our doors. If they “knock” on my door, I won’t be the only one not showing up for roll call the next morning.

  2. U. S. citizens were also held captive at Yellowstone and held without charges or probable cause. When are some of these people going to grow some gonads and bring criminal charges against those rangers that made illegal arrests, kidnapped them and then later transported them across state lines when they were taken out of the park.

    Why did they not ask the ranger if she was familiar with the Nuremburg trials. Following illegal orders is no defense for their actions. Also, ask them who the government is? – It is WE THE PEOPLE – we own that park. All of these people need to be held accountable for their actions.

    Hope you are following the VETS movement in DC for Oct 13.