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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2013

Cornell University Ethics Professor Felix Adler was the first American theologian to propose that allowing terminally-ill patients to die was acceptable. He was a member of the Civil Liberties Bureau, which became the ACLU.

(Oct. 8, 2013) — America has long celebrated the uniqueness and value of every man, woman and child.  Our founders knew that God brought people into the world and God was to bring them out.  We were built on Judeo/Christian values as we watched our military heroes in war and after war defend a person’s right to life and freedom.  All people are unique, created by God and have the right to life.

These elementary and critical values reflecting the very heart of our country have been under ruthless attack since our inception.  Culprits are numerous who demand that God of the Holy Bible step down and they step up.  These god monsters include: The new world order – sustainability and Agenda 21 goons and Islam.  They both have a Caliphate set of goals — forced conversions, taxation or death. They have turned people into widgets, only valued if they are part of their cult and belief system. They demand total control over our land, food, children, faith, healthcare, education, speech, guns, politics and work.

Palliative Care

What we see now hiding behind the most ‘saintly’ and trusted professionals, physicians, bioethicists and nurses is the deadly push to kill patients. God isn’t to decide anymore when life ends but they are. The song of Palliative Care is quickly becoming ‘killing me softly.’

Just as Obama lies with his smooth tongue and context distortions, so does the mission of palliative care.  Their goals and statements sound so good on the surface.  The statement below is taken directly from one of their main sites – smooth and caring…www.capc.org

Meeting the needs of an aging population

Hospitals are filling rapidly with seriously ill and frail adults. By 2030, the number of people in the U.S. over the age of 85 is expected to double to 8.5 million.

To meet the needs of these patients, the hospital of the future must successfully deliver high-quality care for its most complex patients while remaining fiscally viable. Palliative care is essential to achieving the goal of excellent and cost-effective care for the growing population of people living with advanced illness.

Some of you may be thinking I have lost my mind. I am an ‘extremist’ that apparently thinks medical professionals helping seriously ill patients and families are dangerous and leading to premature death. You would be right. That is exactly what I think after interviewing a few on the front lines in this battle and researching how this ‘care’ really works for all kinds of people. I talked with Dr. Elizabeth Wickham of lifetree.org  and she is a brave and fabulous truth-teller on the cutting edge exposing the dangers of ‘palliative care.’

I’m not talking ‘terminally’ ill patients who are breathing their last breath but those with serious illnesses like ALS, MS, Alzheimers, cancer, heart disease – and those who are simply older.  They are being thinned out like a herd of cattle…young and old – the undesirables. “Don’t trip as you walk to the oven. Here is a candy bar and your Bible.”

Let’s look at the background and leadership of Palliative care

John Mallon (Journalist) found all kinds of interesting people backing this movement.  Many leaders were connected to Compassion & Choices (remember the Hemlock Society…same thing) and boldly admit to supporting assisted suicide and the controversial euthanasia.  The tricky part is that there are many even more threatening who say they are not supportive of this.  These are the bioethicists, physicians, community organizers and hospice/hospital administrators.  This includes thousands peppered all across the country in every hospital ready to implement the medial ‘caliphate’ of Obamacare.

This group blurs all the lines.  In fact, they are killing people all the more through ‘passive euthanasia.’  The ‘killing me softly/Palliative care’ push is right out of Nazi Germany and the vehicle of Obamacare.  Obamacare promotes the death of the most disabled and seriously ill by not allowing certain care for seniors and approval of medical payments in time. 

Obamacare and this vehicle from hell, Palliative care, is simply denying ‘life-sustaining treatment on time and/or killing with an overdose of opioids.  Medical professionals in this world would think of all this as common sense and simply honoring the patient and family needs.  They are God and decide when life has no value and must end…not God.  Is quality of life defined as ‘perfection’ and absence of disease or was that the world of Hitler?

Who is behind this and who funds this movement?

George Soros with his Open Society Institute and (RWJF) Robert Wood Johnson Foundation fund a ton of this soft euthanasia/palliative care – training centers and hospitals. They knew that euthanasia and assisted suicide were too “front-door” and controversial to kill off millions of undesirables overnight.  Therefore the strategy was changed to ‘passive euthanasia’ – palliative care.  “The stupid masses won’t really notice that we are rushing along the killing of the most needy and elderly.”

Mallon found the RWJF boldly promoting a single-payer universal health-care.  He gave all kinds of grants among other ‘right-to-die’ groups to make transitions and changes in the health care system.  You have to have everything ready for Obamacare, don’t you?

There are too many new world order and euthanasia people behind the movement — training and funding of palliative care to ignore.  It is the ‘killing-me-softly’ vehicle behind Obamacare that will cull out the herd of undesirables.

Following are just a few additional ‘visionaries’ behind palliative care that should give you a real idea of the philosophy and agenda behind this.

Read John Mallon’s research and full article at  www.johnmallon.net  

“Fairly new ‘palliative care experts’ are members of radical right-to-die organizations that supported the decriminalization of physician-assisted suicide in Oregon or wrote articles in support of it:

Timothy Quill, A Death with Dignity board member, is notable for his article on facilitating the death of his patient “Diane.” He is now considered an expert trainer at the Center to Advance Palliative Care’s Leadership Centers.

Sean Morrison, who coauthored a controversial national survey on physician-assisted suicide with Quill in 1998, is now director of the National Palliative Care Research Center and was recently elected president of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

Nancy Neveloff Dubler, a Compassion & Choices advisory board member, is influential in pediatric palliative care. Dubler was tapped by the Hastings Center (arguably the nation’s most influential bioethics think tank) to standards and government policies, as do most Hastings Center guidelines.”

I am most certain there are health care professionals in the middle of Palliative care systems who want only to serve and help the patient.  However, most of the funding, philosophy and leadership of this movement has been traced to support for assisted suicide and euthanasia.  Many throughout this system believe in ‘culling the herd’ for cost reasons and quality of life reasons.  Obama and the leadership in this feel they are the ones to decide what ‘quality of life really is.’  It is their job to manipulate and work with the patient and family to convince them of their definition and treatment outcomes, not their own.

Palliative care is the Obamacare vehicle to cull out the herd all across the country.  Question everything.  You have the right to live with and through to the end point of any challenge or disease.  God will decide when you go home…not Obama or ‘Palliative care Doctors.’

Join me each day from 7-10pm PAC as I take on these and other issues.  www.therothshow.com 

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