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by Sharon Rondeau

Graphic courtesy of LeahR on Twitter

(Oct. 8, 2013) — Twitchy is reporting that visitors to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are taking down signs which the Obama regime has paid park rangers to put up at national parks around the nation to turn away members of the public.

National parks and monuments are closed because of the impasse between the House and Senate on a spending bill when appropriations expired at midnight on September 30.  Since then, the National Institutes of Health, EPA, HUD, NASA and other departments have been closed or operating on skeleton crews.

A park ranger reported that he had been told to make the shutdown “as difficult as possible” for the American people.

An Arizona state senator has referred to Obama as “De Fuhrer” on her Facebook page for the actions he has taken against the country he is expected to be serving.

Obama has also been called a tyrant and a dictator, which he refutes.  He has been accused of treason for seizing the presidency unlawfully, ordering troops to perform law enforcement duties on U.S. soil; aiding Syrian rebels; running guns to Mexican criminals; aiding and abetting American’s sworn enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood; and presenting fraudulent documentation to the public.  On Friday, truckers from across the country are planning to converge on Washington, DC to accuse Congress and Obama of treason against the U.S. Constitution.

Others have called him a “Fuehrer,” a narcissist and “mentally ill.”  He has said that he will negotiate with House Republican leaders after Congress raises the debt ceiling and agrees to fund Obamacare, which has laid off thousands of workers from small and large businesses alike.  Obamacare was the catalyst for the impasse between the two congressional chambers to reach an appropriations agreement after the House funded all government departments and programs except Obamacare on September 20.

After speaking about the shutdown, Obama was referred to as “Dear Leader” by at least one observer on Twitter.

“Navigators” hired by the Department of Health and Human Services include those accused of criminal activity and who have admitted to reporting false threats to public officials culminating in a federal four-year sentence for a man who did nothing wrong.

The oversized sawhorses and printed “Warning” signs which park rangers are using to attempt to keep the public out of national parks are now called “barrycades” in Obama’s honor or lack thereof.

A new hashtag on Twitter is called “SpiteHouse.”   The shutdown has now delayed military death benefits for soldiers killed on active duty.

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  1. Come on America, let’s roll! The usurper is watching! Starting soon, 3,000 truckers, 2 million bikers and more happy citizens and Veterans will be visiting our political friends in DC! Can we show “the DNC” that America has opponents to their corruption and dictatorship, money theft, lies and deceiving America’s citizens, children and Veterans dead and alive? Have we had enough of the 5 years of sickness? Stand by to stand by! This is not a drill! We are standing by for further orders!That is Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, stand by. Our service will not be disgraced by a usurper and criminal assistants! America is under seige and it’s now time to muster.