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by Alan Bates, MD, from Gulf1

Can the Obama regime be held to account for its constitutional violations?

(Oct. 7, 2013) — This commentary addresses several items of critical importance for the purpose of educating ‘low information’ AND educated Americans.  I urge you to further your understanding by reading the few references which I have provided.

FACT 1:  The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is unconstitutional on its face no matter what you have been told and is headed back to the Supreme Court.  This rogue law violates the Origination Clause of the Constitution which designates that all taxes must originate in the People’s House (the House of Representatives)—the ACA did not. In fact,the Obama Administration argued before the Court that the penalty contained within the Law is not a tax in order to prevent it from being declared unconstitutional,  but Justice Roberts himself violated our Constitution by changing the ‘penalty’ to  a ‘tax’ so the law could withstand the test of the commerce clause which the law violated if designated a penalty.  Only the Congress and specifically the House can make such legislative changes.  There are multiple suits by major groups pending  which challenge the Act on the basis of the violation of the Origination Clause and First Amendment as well as the Employer and Individual mandates.   The final verdict is certainly not in and should  the ACA be properly found unconstitutional,  such verdict would be retroactive to the Law’s inception as though the ACA never existed.   Given that the House never passed it as a tax, and that it is therefore technically unconstitutional,the Republican House cannot legitimately fund Obamacare.  Therefore the House MUST NOT include funding for ‘Obamacare’ in any Continuing Budget Resolution.  Should the House buckle under pressure from the Senate and Obama,  they too would be complicit in violation of our Constitution. (1)

FACT 2:  Just like the false narrative that an anti-Islam YouTube video caused the Benghazi tragedy, the Democrats, Obama and his Secretary of the Treasury ‘Lyin’ Lew have intended and sadistically misrepresented the nature of the debt ceiling to the stupid and complicit lamestreet media and YOU should not buy into their lies.  NOT raising the debt ceiling does NOT have anything whatsoever to do with default on payment of interest on existing debt which is but a small portion of all  revenues collected by the Treasury.  NOT raising the debt ceiling simply means freezing spending at current levels.   At some point should there not be a reduction in spending and/or freezing the debt ceiling,  our currency will eventually collapse and with it our economy and that of the rest of the world.  Is that not what the Leninist-Marxist Obama wants anyway?  There is no doubt given his radical background as a revolutionary who hates what America stands for, his statements that his goal is to transform America from a free republic to a totalitarian regime, and his behavior of repeatedly violating the Constitution by usurping the powers endowed to the Congress and the Judicial branches of government.   Any government shutdown is solely the fault of Harry Reid and Barack Obama as they continue to violate the Constitution by refusing to acknowledge the People’s House of Representatives.   All rhetoric and behavior of this Administration and Senator Reid are reprehensible and  sadistic as they close parts of the Federal government as well as other areas NOT even funded by the Federal government in order to inflict pain on the American people,  hoping that We the People will believe their lies and blame the Republican-dominated House which represents the majority of Americans.(2)

FACT 3:  The predominantly black motorcycle mob which has terrorized New York City residents for some time finally met their match.   The group numbering in the hundreds surrounded a vehicle occupied by an Asian family,obstructing their passage and slashing their tires.  They attempted to pull the driver from his car and so fearing for his family’s lives did what any intelligent person would do—attempt to escape the threat which required him to run over several of the bikes, resulting in one rider sustaining severe injury and possible paralysis.  The bikers relentlessly followed the family into town, broke out their windows and dragged the driver out of his vehicle and beat him in front of his wife and small child.  Where were the police?  Now we learn there were at least a couple of undercover and/or off-duty officers observing if not embedded in that gang of lawless hoodlums but no adequate response to the multiple 911 calls made by the wife of the driver.  A few of the bikers got what they deserved but the vast majority are at large, some driving without tags or licenses and waiting to resume their intimidating lawless activities.  They must be brought to justice.  The increase in black mob violence has gone viral and represents lawlessness and hate!  It is covered by very few media outlets one of which is  http://www.wnd.com.  All American citizens should immediately take measures to protect themselves from such violence which is spreading and threatening our civilized society.   Remember, the average police response to 911 calls in the United States is currently11 minutes and almost an hour in some metro cities such as Detroit.  Arm and train yourselves—you and your family’s lives may soon depend on it!

2. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/oct/3/paul-the-shutdown-means-shut-up/?page=1

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