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by OPOVV, ©2013

In 1990, the Gun-Free School Zones Act was passed, but it was declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1995. Modifications were then passed by Congress which have withstood constitutional challenges.

(Oct. 7, 2013) — ALL employees of commercial establishments shall have passed a weapon safety course and been issued a conceal-carry permit. The employer shall provide the weapon(s) that will be a tax-deductible expense under the heading of “advertising good customer relations.”

Prominently-displayed signs upon egress of all commercial establishments shall read “If we think you’ll shoplift or do our business or customers harm, we’ll shoot first and ask questions later. YOU have the right to refuse our offer of a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.”

ALL pilots shall carry. My father was a pilot for one of our commercial carriers and he carried his service revolver during every flight for over 30 years. Maybe it was against company policy, but so what? I went to colleges and universities for over ten years and I always carried a gun and had additional weapons stashed in my vehicle while parked at the school parking lot. The point is that my father was never skyjacked and I was never shot at while in school: had I been, I could have, and would have, shot back.

The United States used to be protected by vast oceans, but those days are out the window because we have homegrown terrorists among us. We’ve allowed the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers to operate out in the open. We’ve allowed our prisons to be used as recruitment centers for those who lack the ability to understand the concept of “freedom” and comprehend the Constitution. The price that we’ve paid to have our kids go through public school hasn’t been worth it. The kids graduating from high school today are demonstrably less educated than those who graduated from the same school 50 years ago.

Affirmative Action, had it been implemented fairly, would have been a help to us, but rather than bring the less educated up, we have brought the standards down. And 50 years later, we still haven’t figured it out, and our country has suffered, is suffering, and will continue to suffer because of the unqualified, undereducated and, face it, those who lack the ability to understand the difference between a legal order and an illegal order have been given employment even when they are not really qualified.

The “Law of the Land (Obamacare)” today can be trashed, just as prohibition was trashed.

Getting back to being prepared, it’s up to you to protect yourself. Our business leaders must protect their customers to every extent of their ability. The Mall of America has a sign that declares it a “gun-free zone.” Is that like Chicago being a “gun-free zone,” or New York City, or anywhere else? Or what about those planes that were skyjacked on 9-11? What if those pilots had had the same dedication to protect their passengers, the airline’s customers, as my father had? What if every employee of that Kenyan mall had possessed weapons?

Furthermore, every soldier, airman or sailor should be armed, at the minimum a small-caliber pistol, on and off the base. Make that a mandatory requirement (needless to say: NO Muslims).

It’s not rocket science, people, to be prepared, to protect yourself and your family; it’s just good old American COMMON SENSE.

Have a safe shopping experience.


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