by Fred Brownbill, ©2013, from Save America Foundation

(Oct. 6, 2013) — I want to start this with the words, “God Bless America.”  I say these words with a devout feeling although I would understand how He looks down upon what used to be the Land of Liberty and the Home of the brave to all who wished for a better life of freedom and their opportunity to pursue the American Dream, and He says, “How much more help and direction must I give these Americans?  Everything is out in the open, very visible, but they will not open their eyes or their ears to see and hear My message.”

As many of you know, I am an immigrant to this blessed country, having arrived full time upon its’ shores in October 1994.  I am a very well travelled but simple man, 57 years young, I am reasonably well educated in the University of hard knocks and life,  an independent man, a doer and a deep thinker.  I am trained in the use of firearms and tactics. I read a lot.  Some say I am overly opinionated and many say my Class A personality can be brash at times and offensive, not allowing for a difference of opinion.  (My poor but beautiful and strong wife Marty would probably agree with this!)

I speak out, without fear, because my citizenship in these United States of America allows me that right, at least for now it does, although many would say on a reduced level.  I have proved myself on the field of battle from 1973 to 1980 in a land whose name is long forgotten by most and one which is  soaked in the blood of patriots, many of whom were friends of mine.  That country was sold down the river in the name of Political Correctness and Marxism. I am willing to prove myself again on the field of battle, wherever that may be inside these 50 states, to ensure that this country that has given me my biggest honor ever and adopted me, will not be sold down the river on the same corrupt boat of Political Correctness and Marxism in order to further the aims of a New World Order.

I want to briefly now paint a picture in words for you on how I find this country 19 years after my arrival.  I arrived, full of hope, excited, limited funds in my pocket, with a wife and an 8 year old daughter.  We took some time out to look around the new State we had adopted, Florida, and found it to be everything we wanted. Casual, laid back, beautiful, great people, economically sound and vibrant.  I could almost ride my motorcycles year round!  I settled down, politics a million miles from my mind.  I just wanted to earn some money and support my family.

Then 9/11 happened and I awoke to the real possibility that the ugly face of Islam had reached out and touched my country, killing many of my Americans.  I had seen the damage done in Europe by this cult and I began to realize that they were a bigger danger here than I had thought.

Then along came the 2008 elections and I watched in wonderment how an unknown Senator from the corrupt state of Illinois was suddenly a front-line possibility for the office of President of these United States.  Something was really wrong but it took me a while to put my finger on it.  Then it hit me like a metal pole on the forehead.  Obama spoke the same language of Socialism and Marxism that I had heard from the man who the west allowed to take over my old country, Robert Mugabe.  I started to realize that the evils I had fought against once before were now rearing their ugly head right here again. Deja vu.

What could I do?  I started sounding the alarm, looking for people to warn, thinking my story would make a difference. I looked for a platform that would listen but there was none.  There was no Save America Foundation then.  People did not listen carefully to the many words of Barack Hussein Obama, just the few chosen ones designed by his professional propagandists that would sink in. They heard “Hope and Change”  They saw a black man and the chance to wipe any guilt they felt away in one swoop.  We all know now that this was just so many words.  The Hope and Change he meant was the fundamental changing of all that America stood for, was admired throughout the rest of the world for.

Fred Brownbill

He really was a puppet, elected by uninformed, uneducated fools, to complete the dastardly task that begun so many years ago.  The removal of America as a super power, a shining light on the hill, the wealth to be redistributed and the entrepreneurial spirit broken.  The exceptionalism that was the American people was bad, we were told.  We were not exceptional, just spoilt and doing nothing but harm to the rest of the world, damaging the climate, killing the polar bears, eating all the food, using all the fossil fuels and we needed to pay for that.


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