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by Sharon Rondeau

Screen shot from Healthcare.gov Facebook page

(Oct. 6, 2013) — The Facebook page for Obamacare has some new comments on Sunday morning.

While many comments reflect people’s objection to the health care law, whose “individual mandate” portion launched officially last Tuesday, The Post & Email strove to post factual information without opinion to inform government bureaucrats and members of the public that the law may be invalid simply because Obama himself may not be a legal office holder.

On September 20, the House of Representatives attempted to defund Obamacare, which has caused numerous large and small employers to lay off employees, reduce their hours, or eliminate coverage for spouses and families as a result of the cost given the new “law.”

The following Friday, the Senate rejected the measure and stripped it from its version of an appropriations bill.  The House and Senate could not agree on a final bill, and a partial government shutdown of approximately 17% of federal departments commenced at midnight on September 30.

However, the launch of Obama’s health care law which he signed on March 23, 2010 occurred on schedule, also on Tuesday, October 1, although thousands of people have reported an inability to buy insurance either because of technical problems with the federal or state websites or what they see as exorbitant costs.  Some areas reported no enrollees at all last week.

Over the weekend, the Healthcare.gov website was “down for repairs.”

The health care bill is colloquially called the “Affordable Care Act,” although in the spirit of “compromise” and common ground, a contributing writer to The Post & Email coined a new proposed name.

On Sunday, The Post & Email left the following new comments:

Since the shutdown, Speaker of the House John Boehner has sent several funding bills to the Senate, but Majority Leader Harry Reid has said they are “dead on arrival.”  Obama has also said he refuses to negotiate on any bills which alter or defund his “signature” health care bill as well as individual appropriations bills which the House has proposed since October 1.

While refusing to consider compromise, Obama scolded Republicans for their “attitude.”

A criminal investigation conducted by the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse has shown that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form are forgeries.  For the last six months or more, the posse has been working to engage Congress in launching its own investigation into the fraudulent documents, with Rep. Steve Stockman reportedly promoting the effort.

A former and current presidential candidate told The Post & Email that a highly-placed government source has confirmed that Congress is looking at Obama’s eligibility, which could be affected by his presentation of fraudulent documentation.

The White House has not explained why it first said that the only birth certificate Obama possessed was a “short-form” which does not contain details such as birth hospital, attending physician, address of parents and “Date accepted by Registrar.”

Directly after the long-form was posted on April 27, 2011, it was declared a forgery by many experts and analysts.  On March 1, 2012, the Cold Case Posse held the first of two formal press conferences declaring its findings of forgery.

Obama has never released school, college or medical records to the public and has given several versions of his life story to the public.

The Post & Email asks why, in the midst of a government shutdown which the Obama regime is admittedly exploiting to inflict the maximumpain” on Americans, Boehner does not simply call for a vote on an investigation into the forgeries which could remove Obama from office immediately, once proven and made public.  We have asked before why the Republicans and others continue to battle with Obama’s policies when it is his legitimacy that is the real issue.

Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo has stated that Boehner has been an obstruction to a congressional investigation into the forgeries.

Using false identification is a federal offense.  In regard to candidates for federal office and the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), Title 26 of the U.S. Code, Chapter 96, Section 9012 states:

(d) False statements, etc.

(1) It shall be unlawful for any person knowingly and willfully—

(A) to furnish any false, fictitious, or fraudulent evidence, books, or information to the Commission under this subtitle, or to include in any evidence, books, or information so furnished any misrepresentation of a material fact, or to falsify or conceal any evidence, books, or information relevant to a certification by the Commission or an examination and audit by the Commission under this chapter; or…

At least one constitutional attorney believes that if Obama is himself illegitimate, everything he has signed and ordered would become null and void.

Update:  As of 1:00 p.m. EDT, the following response to our comments was submitted to the Healthcare.gov Facebook page:

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  1. Grand Daddy Dr. Fred Delano Newman/Grandma Jacqueline Salit, both left radical Marxist community organizers, Mother-Elizabeth Ann Newman-alias “Elizabeth Ann Duke”/alias “Ann Dunham” just taken off the FBI Most Wanted list/Daddy-Malcolm X also left radical Marxist/Muslim theologists. Now see the result of this background and the people that are proping him up. Bill Ayers is proud of him as is the Grandfather who recently passed away. A setback to the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. Marx/Lenin/Engels are being represented with your tax dollars, isn’t it romantic. We are seeing some of New York’s finest at this time. Bloomberg was also a student of Newman’s theories, it really shows. Maybe Anthony Weiner will run with Hillary, they would make a good team. At least he’s good at cursing out Rabbi’s in Deli’s when he’s not showing off his hairy chest to underage girls. Examples of such fine men are hard to find. Maybe Charlie Manson would be better on the ticket with Hillary. At least they have murder in common so what’s the big deal.

  2. Yes indeed. The P&E has held the position of truth telling from day one of usurpation. Along the lines of nonsense going on in CONgress, as a Republic we need not waste time with such foolery. The 2008 election was sham, the re-election was a sham and the illegal non-vetted sealed record impostor empty suit liar-in-chief needs to be dealt with.

    The evidence of fraud is the inaction of CONgress since they all have agaisnt them NSA blackmailing surveillance including the complete entity known as US government officials. Off record EPA operations, hastened programs to economically damage the status of businesses in the US are all part of the grand scheme of destruction to America.

  3. MY most Sincere Congratulations and notice of my Continuing Support and Appreciation for ALL the Courage you Display, Sharon!
    I am Honored by knowing you!!
    Larry M. Meyer
    USN#~535-03-66 @1960