A Paycheck Too Far


by OPOVV, ©2013

Current Congressional “leaders

(Oct. 6, 2013) — Let’s see if I’ve got this right: government is shut down but the people who aren’t working will get paid anyway with interest? Offices closed because the employees are not at work, yet they will still collect a paycheck. You see, that’s the problem with having career government employees making the decisions that affect the taxpayer. Government employees treat the government’s money as anything other than their own money, which it is, but they’re too darn stupid to realize that, and until they treat the taxpayer’s money as their own, we’ll keep getting our nose shoved into the dirt by the neighborhood bully, which is another name for our Congress.

Now imagine if the government were actually run as a business, not to make a profit but, at the very least, break even. We’ll nominate you as the CEO, will that work? I’ll be your $1.00 a year advisor.

My first official advice is that if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. You like that? If you collect Food Stamps, there won’t be any cigarette butts on your block. If you collect welfare, you’ll earn it by working at something, maybe as a crossing guard for school kids or waxing the high school gymnasium floor.

Let’s get rid of the Federal Reserve and put the power of the purse back in the people’s hands and not some sleazy bankers with imaginative accounting practices.

No more IRS; goodbye forever. No income tax; gone forever. Welcome a National Sales Tax where everybody pays the same rate, no exemptions and no exceptions. No Obamacare.

Okay, let’s get back to today, the day where offices are closed, parks are closed, yet the people who work them will get paid anyway. The question on the plate is where is this rock that the people who think these things up crawl out from under? Democrats and Republicans voted 100% on funding pay where no work was done. Government welfare at its worst.

So it’s a government shutdown because:

1. Obama was “elected” in 2008, a fraud if there ever was one to come down the pike. He wasn’t vetted, and the Birth Certificate that the White House presented has been proven to be a fake.

2. The “election” of Al Franken (D-Minnesota) was a rigged election so the Senate would have enough votes to push Obamacare through.

3. Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-Nevada) “election” was yet another fraud. Many of the electronic voting machines had Reid’s name already up on the screen.

4. This whole “shutdown” is because Obamacare is the worst bill that has been passed in the history of the United States, and the sooner everyone figures that out, the better for us all, including the following generations.

5. Obamacare was pushed through Congress within the first six months of the “Obama Administration” because they were afraid that Obama would have been “fired” from the job because he was never vetted and Constitutionally ineligible to be president.

So…we have a showdown because of a “law” that would be the worst thing to ever happen. If the American people, I mean the Obots, would actually understand that it’s the American way of life that’s at stake, the 40-work week, the ability to choose your job, where you live, to be free from government infringement, then we’ll get somewhere. As long as the likes of Harry Reid are allowed to walk the halls of Congress, and Obama to be the ineligible de facto president, this nation is in dire straits.

Obama was the beginning of the end for America; Obamacare is the end for American Exceptionalism and the beginning of Third World Status for the USA.

Amen. So help me God.


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