by Gunnery Sergeant John McClain , USMC, Retired, ©2013, from Gulf1

(Oct. 3, 2013) — For a bit over a week, we’ve been regaled with the partisan bickering over funding Obamacare, raising the debt ceiling and the fact we are up against a “hard break,” given the new fiscal year. This argument is over two basic things: first, the strong feeling among conservatives that funding Obamacare by deficit spending while Congress has removed itself, while Obama has removed the majority of government from the mandate for a year; big business, unions, anyone who fiscally supported this push and president, gets to be absent imposed, it seems only the individual mandate will be imposed, clearly not an actual implementation of this “law.”

The second basic issue we face is something so fundamental it should never be an issue.  Congress has the duty of producing a budget each year, and by logic, it should be debated from the beginning of a fiscal year, and well established except for the most minor details, by the time it needs to be passed.  For five years, the budget produced by the House has been laughed at, tossed out, and the funding of government has been by “continuing resolutions.”

The sole reason for this is the fact that the House is dominated by representatives who act as if they are accountable, because they must be re-elected to remain.  Oddly, this has kept the House determined to actually write a budget each year. While it is common for the House to be controlled by the “opposition party” of the president, it is also common for the Senate to write a budget anyway.  However, this has not yet happened since Obama.

The House has presented a budget which almost fits within projected revenues, at the expense of funding increases in spending.  The only thing the Senate can produce is a “continuing resolution,” because to write a budget with the costs of funding the Obamacare in it would put on paper the cause of raising our debt, as the vast increase in cost caused by Obamacare would be in writing, figures undeniable.

Democrats offer “our way or the highway.”  If this were a budget, itemized, delineated, counter to the House proposal, a conference could find compromise and a joint budget would be produced.  The fact is it is no plan, no ideas, but simply “we will continue to spend as we have, and we don’t accept any constraint on our spending.”

We are being told a small group of “recidivists” is standing in the way of a budget being resolved, but this is by no means true.  Both Democrats and Republicans want to fund with a continuing resolution, because both parties are determined to expand the realm of “State,” meaning central, not federal, government.

There is a small coterie of elected officials who are determined to restore the process of lawmaking which the Constitution demands; rules of conduct, standards and principles, and the fulfillment of the real purposes of government; the defense of our natural rights as Sovereign Citizens.

For over a century, those in government have run roughshod over everyone in their path.  We have had an ever-expanding government completely without respect for the Constitution, the principles of our establishment, with nothing like respect for “the consent of the governed.”  It is those very few elected who have chosen to respect principles, standards, and operate according to the rule of law who stand foursquare in the way of “just doing it like we’ve been getting away with for decades,” because that has led us into debt equal or greater than our Gross National Product.

If it is too much to ask of both the House and the Senate to write actual budgets, accounting for revenue, debt, responsibility, and fulfilling them with basic honor, how can we possibly allow these people to remain in such important offices, so lacking in the most fundamental qualifications?

If government gets shut down because a budget can’t be made, we had better consider if any of “the elect” are qualified to be there at all.  Or maybe my mother is “The smartest woman alive.”

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