by Sharon Meroni, DefendtheVote.com

(Sep. 30, 2013) — My fellow voter,

Defend the Vote is fighting to bring integrity into Illinois’ elections, and we have made exciting progress over the last few weeks. Thanks to your help, Defend the Vote was able to fund trips into Chicago for the critical Board meetings on September 10th and September 16th. Attending these meetings is critical for our success, and now you can ‘attend’ them with us, too… Without ever leaving the comfort of your own home! Thanks to pressure from Defend the Vote, the Chicago Board of Elections have started recording their meetings and posting them on their YouTube channel. This video is from September 10th.

Or, if you’re going to be in Chicago on October 22nd, come and join us at the Illinois State Board of Elections meeting! Defend the Vote will be testifying before the Board at the Daily Center about Illinois’ electronic election equipment and the vulnerability assessment that is underway. Make your voice heard by speaking up during the public comment session, and hear election officials’ plans for the future of our vote!  This letter, Protest of Further Use of Dominion Voting Non-Compliant Election Equipment in Illinois challenges the certification of the Dominion/Sequoia voting system in Chicago and Cook County and is the topic for discussion at the Board meeting.

We need your help to continue bringing change to our elections. The new rules for provisional balloting are a disaster waiting to happen, and our recent absentee voting investigations have uncovered illegal practices!  One early voting FOIA work we just reviewed has uncovered serious issues with chain of custody of the electronic paper ballot which is technically your vote.

Please donate today to help send Defend the Vote to future Board meetings, and raise your voice with ours as we fight to stop harmful voting practices and bring security back into our voting machines.

Thank you,
Sharon Meroni

Defend the Vote
One West Surrey Lane
Barrington Illinois, 60010

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