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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2013

The Muslim Brotherhood has been outlawed by the Egyptian interim government, and many members have been arrested since the removal from power of Mohamed Morsi

(Sep. 23, 2013) — It is official now.  The Muslim Brotherhood has been outlawed and all its assets confiscated according to the AP.  Related funding and Muslim Brotherhood social groups are also being shut down.  This means throughout Egypt the military-supported interim government is taking control of the Muslim Brotherhood’s entire money supply and buildings. They are destroying anything that keeps them going – the end!

We have seen the fruits of the Muslim Brotherhood since their creation in Egypt in 1928 at the hands of Islamic scholar and teacher Hassan al-Banna.  In their very charter and goals they called Islamics to violent Jihad – it is their duty.  Their stated goal was and is to build the Islamic–Muslim-Brotherhood-controlled caliphate that controls the world.

They have been connected with nothing but violence since the 1920s, including the assassination of political opponents such as Egyptian Prime Minister Mahmoud an-Nukrashi Pasha.  They have been credited with many other assassination attempts and murders of Christians, Muslim opponents and Jews.  They are a regular happy family of serial killers.

Most recently in history, we saw the overthrow of our long-time ally, Hosni Mubarak, in 2011 and Muslim Brotherhood radical Mohamed Morsi elected.  The die was cast and the Muslim Brotherhood president and team started taking Egyptian freedoms away, dismantling Egypt’s entire constitution and allowing murder and rape of dissenters. 

Unlike many Americans, the Egyptian masses found their backbone and snapped out of it.  Millions of brave souls marched in the streets, soon joined by the military.  Mohamed Morsi, who Obama has supported from the beginning, was thrown out of power.

Now, the military-supported interim Government has taken the next step:  outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood…again.   This has happened several times in Egyptian history but also in other countries where the violent attacks have been seen and confronted, as in Syria.  After the Hama massacre in the early 1980s, the Muslim Brotherhood was slammed down.

I have screamed this for years on my national radio show and in my articles.  The Muslim Brotherhood organization is an evil, anti-American, anti-Freedom Islamic terrorist group that should be outlawed everywhere – especially the United States. It will stop at nothing to control the world, and now it has its staunchest ally in history – Obama.

We have known for many years that Obama has employed numerous members of the Muslim Brotherhood in positions of leadership  – even though the Muslim Brotherhood has a history of violence and terror.  In fact, Obama is on the record even speaking to the national Muslim Brotherhood convention.  Among other horrifying things, he stated:  “My Administration is proud to be your partner.”

Egyptian Media has been saying for weeks that Barack Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood member and that he allegedly paid an 8-million-dollar bribe-payoff to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Why, and to cover up what???

Walid Shoebat, a regular guest on my show and former member of the Muslim Brotherhood himself, has long ago uncovered Obama’s half-brother Malik Obama as a Muslim Brotherhood member and tied him into Islamic terrorist groups and funding.  Walid Syriaalso supports the unfolding Egyptian media claims that Barack Obama is Muslim Brotherhood as well.

What are we to think and do, then?

  • We have a President who has employed in positions of leadership at least 6 operatives who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood. 
  • We have a President who said at the Muslim Brotherhood conference “My administration is proud to be your partner.”  
  • We have a President whose brother Malik Obama is Muslim Brotherhood and linked to terrorist groups.
  • We have a President who stands for dictators and is on the side of Islamic radicals continuously – Muslim Brotherhood – Morsi; Rebels in Syria linked to the chemical weapons attacks and violent crimes; Zelaya in Honduras, on and on.

It is time to follow suit and acknowledge in America the Muslim Brotherhood as the Islamic terrorist group it is.  It must be outlawed and shut down.  That of course would mean fire all Muslim Brotherhood members who currently work for Obama and force Congress to acknowledge and investigate the building and convincing evidence that Obama himself is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

This is a vivid national security threat.  Anyone from the White House on down in leadership who is a member and/or supporter of the Islamic terror group Muslim Brotherhood must be confronted, fired, impeached and/or arrested.

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