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by Sharon Meroni, ©2013, Defend the Vote

Defend the Vote is awaiting non-profit status from the IRS and strives to restore integrity to the voting process in Illinois

(Sep. 20, 2013) — Election security in Illinois is being attacked on multiple fronts, and the worst of it is coming from the people whose job it is to protect the vote. The new law (HB2418) requiring provincial ballots cast in the wrong precinct to be counted is a perfect example of what I am speaking about!

HB2418 allows for voters, on Election Day, to cast a provisional ballot anywhere within their county and for part of this ballot to count. Importantly, this law does not require election judges to tell you that by casting an out-of-precinct provisional ballot, you will be sacrificing your right for your vote to be counted toward State-wide referendums.

But that isn’t all of the changes that HB 2418 is going to bring to our elections. These ballots will have to be remade, and there is nothing in the law or proposed rules that require election judges to oversee this process.  Who’s to say that an opinionated election worker will record the right vote when remaking the ballots? What security or quality controls will be in place to protect this process?  Virtually none!

This lack of oversight opens the door to all sorts of potential problems and difficult to trace voter fraud. Read about this: “It’s kind of a disaster waiting to happen” State Board’s Legal Counsel on Provisional Voting in Illinois.  We will have more follow-up on this within the month.

Defend the Vote is dedicated to bringing security back to our elections, but we need your help just to keep our lights on.  We have been working tirelessly—often with unruly and rude election officials—to change the way Illinois conducts their elections, and our hard work has brought many changes, with more in the works. However, we urgently need funds to continue fighting this battle!

I know times are tough.  The stakes in Illinois are high.  Your financial support will help change elections in Illinois for the better. It’s time for us to stand up and remind those in power that we deserve quality assurance from our government; especially where the vote is concerned!

Please click on this link and make a donation.  We really need your help!

Thank you,
Sharon Meroni

Defend the Vote
One West Surrey Lane
Barrington Illinois, 60010

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  1. All the donations in the world will never stop voter fraud. Honest governing bodies and an honest judiciary, (impossible to find these days), are the only way to stop it, plus a reliable voting system like paper ballots, mandatory voter ID, and show up in person to vote. Anything else is a waste of time and money and favours only the corrupt democrats.

  2. Corruption in Port Saint Lucie, Florida Board Of Elections? What happened to the Law Suit for Col. Alan West in the Democratically Controlled Port Saint Lucie Voter Fraud Case with Gertrud Walker losing 4,000 votes at 2am while shuffling voter boxes? Hello! It’s just corrupt all over when Democrats want power and control.