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by Tom Arnold, ©2013

Rep. Trey Gowdy represents the Fourth District of South Carolina

(Sep. 19, 2013) — On September 17 and again on September 18, 2013,  I telephoned the Washington, DC office of one of my heretofore favorite and most trusted Congressmen, Rep. Trey Gowdy (202-225-6030).  I spoke to one of Rep. Gowdy’s “legal assistants,” whose name I am choosing to withhold because he/she seemed like such a young, naive individual just doing his/her job.  I asked what Rep. Gowdy’s “position” was on the eligibility, or lack thereof, of “Barack Hussein Obama” to be our country’s president (a matter which I have previously discussed with Rep. Gowdy’s staff, as well as having faxed many dozens of pages of information and evidence to them about the criminal usurper occupying our White House).

The answer by the “legal assistant” was that Rep. Gowdy believes “Obama” is a “DULY ELECTED” president!  I also was told, when I then inquired who Rep. Gowdy’s Chief of Staff was, that it was Matthew A. Van Patton and that Mr. Van Patton believed the same thing, i.e., “Obama” was “DULY ELECTED!”  Keep in mind, Trey Gowdy is a FORMER STATE DISTRICT ATTORNEY AND FEDERAL PROSECUTOR!

Now, my questions, which I am forwarding to Mr. Van Patton for Rep. Gowdy and to others in the form of this email:  WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!  AND, WHY ARE YOU THINKING IT!  AND, WHAT’S SO DARNED “DULY ELECTED” ABOUT THE FOLLOWING FACTS?

1)  Election fraud was rampant in the 2012 presidential election.  As an example, in some critical states’ precincts, 100% and in some cases over 100% of registered voters voted, and all of them voted for “Obama!”  A statistical impossibility, don’t you think?  “DULY ELECTED,” you think?

2)  In September 2011 just two months before the election, the terrorist attack on Benghazi occurred in which four brave American heroes were killed, while our military’s so-called commander-in-chief, “Barack Hussein Obama,” slept through the night in preparation for a campaign trip the next day to Las Vegas!  Can anyone, especially you, former federal prosecutor Gowdy, say “CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT MANSLAUGHTER?”  Then, to add insult to injury, a choreographed cover-up took place so that “Obama’s” contention that terrorism around the world was in decline could continue to be used for political purposes as a campaign re-election strategy!

3)  “Obama” is not a NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN as required by our Constitution to run for president and should never have been on the states’ ballots.  His Hawaiian “birth certificate,” which he profferred to the public and put on the White House website in 2011 was, and is, a CRIMINAL FORGERY.  “Obama,” in fact, was born in the foreign country of Kenya to a British citizen/subject father, either one or both of which are disqualifying factors for the presidency.  Even “Obama” himself said that he was born in Kenya in a bio published in 1991, which, despite revisions in other areas and the passage of sixteen years, remained unchanged until 2007 when “Obama” and his handlers decided that the time was right for him to run for president/dictator!  Not only that, but “Obama” was using a Social Security number which he, or someone on his behalf, stole from a dead man, Harrison J. Bounel.  He even used the stolen SSN to file Federal Income Taxes!  Can you, Rep. Gowdy, former federal prosecutor, say IDENTITY THEFT?  Then, there’s also the pesky little fact that “Obama’s” military Selective Service Registration Form (draft card) was backdated and FORGED.  By law, no one guilty of this crime can ever become commander-in-chief of our country’s armed forces, or president (except “Obama,” just ask Leon Panetta!).  And, one last fact:  When “Obama” attended undergraduate universities in the United States, he received financial aid to foreign students, specifically as a CITIZEN OF INDONESIA (where he had been adopted as a child and began worshiping as a Muslim).  This is verifiable through the records of HESC, Higher Education Services, Albany, New York.  To make matters even more interesting, it appears “Obama” never relinquished his Indonesian citizenship and acquired any legal form of American citizenship (much less a natural born American citizen)!  If you can disprove that, Rep. Gowdy, please do not hesitate to do so!  “DULY ELECTED,” are you serious!

4)  Our U.S. Congress, the Courts, the defense-intelligence community, the media, and other co-conspirators have withheld the above facts about “Obama” from the voting electorate, rendering us what Rush Limbaugh likes to belittle and call “low-information voters,” but I prefer to call “no-information voters.”   It was, and still is, a CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE!  At FAUX NEWS, they call it Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes’ GAG ORDER!  And, you, Rep. Gowdy, obviously have bought into it, too, haven’t you?  One might ask WHY?  Is this the way someone becomes “DULY ELECTED,” seriously!

5)  And, lastly, if I may deviate just a wee bit from the theme of this message (whether or not “Obama” has been “DULY ELECTED”), allow me to remind you, Rep. Gowdy, that there is going to be another presidential election in 2016 and that if this fraud, “Obama,” finishes out his “DULY ELECTED” second term because of SWORN representatives such as you (sworn to defend and protect our Constitution, not “Obama!”), then the Republican Party will have no chance in 2016, even if “What-Difference-Does-It-Make” traitor Hillary Clinton remains free from being incarcerated in Leavenworth and becomes the nominee of the opposition party (Democratic Party, or by that time would it be the COMMUNIST PARTY or THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD?).  By the way, Rep. Gowdy, former federal prosecutor, WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF “DULY ELECTED!”

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