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(Sep. 13, 2013) — Defend the Vote has been invited to be on the Illinois State Board of Elections’ agenda for their upcoming Board meeting (page 2, Item 5). We have spoken before them during public comments, but the ISBE has never allowed us to actually be on the agenda. In fact, they reduced the time we are allowed to speak during public comments to 5 minutes last year! After some negotiations during the last Board meeting, they agreed to have a more cooperative relationship with us and they’ve followed through by placing us on the agenda for Monday’s meeting.

This is a much anticipated development for election security in Illinois.

The topic Defend the Vote will be discussing with the Illinois State Board of Elections is critical: Election Security and the Vulnerability Assessment of Security in Relation to the Illinois State Board of Elections. Our goal is to get the Illinois State Board of Elections to consider how to better secure the vote in Illinois by training election judges on security, seals, and signature comparison, as well as get Argonne National Laboratory’s vulnerability assessment team involved with the testing of election machines that are approved for use in Illinois. There are other important security items that Defend the Vote will speak on; to learn more, look for our speaking agenda in your inbox tomorrow!

While I am not sure what time we will speak, the Board usually does not get to the end of their agenda before noon. Defend the Vote will be there when the meeting starts at 10:30 am. Call me as needed; you can leave a message on my land line at 847-382-1100, or call or text my cell at 847-778-3495.

The Board is meeting in Springfield on Monday, but  they meet in Chicago at the same time by simultaneously broadcasting a video feed between both locations. You can go to either location to hear Defend the Vote’s testimony before the Board. You can also ask to speak up during the public session. They have a form at the door to fill out. The addresses are:

Springfield Office
2329 S. MacArthur Blvd
Springfield, IL 62704
Phone: 217-782-4141

Chicago Office
100 W Randolph, Floor 14 Suite 100
Chicago,  IL 60601
Phone: 312-814-6440

I will be at the meeting, either in Springfield or in Chicago. I greatly prefer to be in Springfield so I can speak face-to-face with the Board, but Defend the Vote needs funds to make the trip. We ask you to help support us as we fight to clean up elections in Illinois. The day trip will cost about $150. Please click here  to make a contribution.

I know this is last minute notice, but if you are available, please come join us!  These meetings are very important because when the public shows up, the Board must at least acknowledge your concerns. When no one is there, it is business as usual…

Hope to see you there!
Sharon Meroni

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  1. After two election terms of voter fraud, an inept sleeping generally uninterested society of adolescent and older voters, America has gone from a world setting example of free enterprise to a social and politically crime infested nation. The few good people and conservative Constitutional believers that have been struggling, suffering and beating their heads against the wall are becoming weary of the fight and fed up with the career criminal every day entitlement political parasite living it up with benefits and pampering in the DC Hilton that have made themselves untouchables within our own legal system. With our Constitutional Laws of Criminal Presentments being blocked for over 5 years to achieve Discovery and Prosecution of political criminals breaking our laws for their own gain and laughing while they do it, we are nearing a point of anarchy.