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by Sharon Rondeau

Colorado was admitted to the Union in 1876

(Sep. 11, 2013) — At 12:16 p.m. EDT, Erik Rush is discussing the recall election of two state senators, John Morse and Angela Giron, who have been unseated based on their votes on gun-control legislation earlier this year.

Rush is a resident of Colorado, whose legislature passed new laws in March which were the catalyst for several firearms manufacturers to leave the state and Second Amendment supporters to become angry.  Rush stated that as a result of the two recall elections, “grassroots” activity has been proven effective in the people’s fight for liberty and the provisions in the Bill of Rights.

Morse was president of the Colorado state senate.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave $350,000 toward the two senators to help them maintain their seats.  The NRA gave $368,000 to support the new potential candidates.  The New York Times reported that “despite huge voter-turnout drives and Obama-style neighborhood canvassing, more of Mr. Morse’s opponents showed up to cast him out.”

Democrats reportedly “held a registration advantage” in Giron’s district.

Colorado enacted a law in 1912 which enabled the people to recall state legislators with whom they are displeased.

A councilman from Colorado Springs, Bernie Herpin, won Morse’s seat, while Pueblo former deputy police chief George Rivera won Giron’s seat.

“They were recalled because they spearheaded the draconian gun legislation in Colorado,” Rush said at 12:28.

The Washington Times reported on Wednesday that Colorado Democrats are “shocked” at the recall results.  Rush mentioned several reports of election fraud during Tuesday’s election as published at The Blaze, which depicted an altercation between a cameraman and a prospective voter in which the voter “assaulted” the cameraman.

At 12:30 p.m., Rush thanked the voters of Colorado for becoming involved in the grassroots activity which led to the recall election.  “We can all get involved,” he said.

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