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by CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), ©2013

The Office of the Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Navy has been holding the court-martial file of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III which contains a forgery of his signature, for 23 years. NCIS Senior Executive Service Agent Ernie Simon admitted in a 1997 memo that if the forgery could be proven, it would “make the NAV look really bad”

(Sep. 5, 2013) — It was sixteen years ago this day when I walked into Rear Admiral John Hutson’s Pentagon office (Navy TJAG #36).

It was a Friday, just before noon.

Don Guter (then future Navy TJAG #37), still wearing captain’s eagles and a bandaid on his forehead, intervened at the reception desk, just inside the office at the door to my left, manned by a second class petty officer as I announced myself and my purpose.

Guter rose from an office couch to my right as I entered, then turned my back to him to face the petty officer. Guter stood, positioning himself to block me from moving more deeply into the office.

Guter, walking in to me, one step at a time, backed me out into the wide passageway, told me about Rand Pixa (OJAG IG), and sent me on my way.

I did not meet with John Hutson on that Friday afternoon so many years ago. Guter made sure.

Guter and Hutson immediately and urgently contacted Ernie Simon after I left. Ernie Simon was then NCIS assistant deputy director for criminal investigations. Simon’s was a senior executive service (SES) position.

Simon, alerted again regarding Kevin Anderson’s counterfeit confession bearing my forged and misspelled name, sent out notice, on this day sixteen years ago, regarding the very real danger Anderson’s forgery of my name represented.

See attached .pdf record #1:  5 SEPT 1997 NCIS memo

I met with Captain Pixa (collateral duty as OJAG IG) for the first time the following Tuesday, 9 September 1997, in his Hoffman Building II, in south Alexandria, VA. We met once more on Wednesday, 1 October.

Pixa discovered the court-martial record “misfiled” at the Navy-Marine Corps Appellate Review activity on 4 December 1997.

Pixa told Special Agent Richard Allen that the court-martial record was discovered in a cardboard box in the office closet of Marine Corps Major Richard “Ricky” Stutzel.

Major Stutzel spoke about this earlier this week. Now Pixa’s version of events is rendered worthless.

Pixa and NCIS Special Agent Richard Allen discovered the original of Anderson’s forged, bogus “confession” (Anderson using my name) inside the newly unearthed court-martial record.

Anderson has since admitted under oath, and in writing, that he was the originator of the forged criminal instrument.

All of this still operates to make the Navy and Marine Corps “look really bad,” as Hutson and Guter conveyed in their warning to Ernie Simon, and that Simon memorialized in writing, sixteen years ago today.

Chief of Naval Operations Jonathan Greenert and incumbent TJAG Nanette DeRenzi hold the original of the forged, criminal instrument in their possession, the forged “confession” that Kevin Anderson created and advanced, using and misspelling my name in the process.

See attached .pdf record #2:  CERTIFIED COPY OF THE FORGERY – 17 July 1990

I still remember.

Just me from the bleachers, still persisting, still persevering.

Beware the fury of a patient man.!

Fair winds, following seas,

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

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  1. Fitz, I still stand in “Closed-Rank” with you and sincerely pray that your day of “Vindication and Truth” arrives in full Parade Dress!!
    I pray for your success!
    L. Meyer