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from George Miller, Ventura County Overpasses for Obama Impeachment

“Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” has held rallies across America over the last several months

(Sep. 4, 2013) — The Ventura County Overpasses for Obama Impeachment will be holding its second event on Saturday, September 7, 2013, at the Ventura Pedestrian Overpass at Front & Ash Streets (foot of Ash Street) from 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m. PDT.

The event is organized by the Committee for Obama’s Impeachment.

The group’s protest enumerates “Benghazi, Syria, NSA, IRS, Gunwalking, corruption, Obamacare, HR347, NDAA, ‘Patriot Act,’ Czars, DHS ‘Terrorist Lists,’ Trumka, Ayers, Jarrett, ‘birth certificate,’ Gulf oil drilling freeze, ignoring court orders, illegal recess appointments, et al, ad nauseum ….” as its reasons for advocating the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama.

A statement from the organization reads:

It’s about time. After years of the most outrageous high crimes and misdemeanors by the Fraud-in-Chief, the public’s goodwill has finally began to erode– Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Supporting Al Queda, Illegal appointments, fraud in passing unconstitutional Obamacare, etc, etc. 

Nearly spontaneous viral growth of the overpass impeachment events has spread nationwide.

Now, another one has been scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday, September 7.

If you are interested in participating as an on-site protestor, sign-maker, publicist, recruiter, operations, RSVP: tea@venturacountyteaparty.com, with name. email, phone and role you want to play. It will be forwarded to local project manager.  Or, Just show up.

Bring: signs (at least foot-high letters), flags, water, food, hat, sunblock, sunglasses, sweater, camera video recorder or audio recorder,  comfortable walking shoes.
We want the focus to be on obama crimes and ideologies alien to our Constitution and traditions. Keep it relevant. No ad hominem attacks, racism, or profanity will be tolerated. No “Honk” signs (illegal to honk in non-emergency situation)

Read more here.

Here are suggestions on how to make large signs.

There is parking near Front and Ash.  You can also park at beach or near pier.  It may get windy, so bring a sweater or windbreaker, hat, sunblock, sunglasses.

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