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by Sharon Rondeau

Bashar al-Assad became leader of Syria in 2000 after his father’s death. The elder Assad had been in power for 30 years. Rebel forces including terrorists have been attempting to bring down Assad for more than two years since the Arab Spring protests.

(Sep. 2, 2013) — On August 21, the same day on which an alleged chemical weapons attack was launched in Syria, reportedly killing hundreds of people, a Russian news service reported that the incident might have been “staged” in order to “provoke international action.”

Since that time, the Obama regime has been pushing for military intervention against Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, who has been accused of launching the attack.  Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham support Obama’s stated intent to “retaliate” against Assad for the alleged chemical attack.

France and Great Britain originally supported a “strike” on Assad’s government assets, but the British Parliament voted against the move, leaving only France to stand with Obama on the issue.

United Nations teams have conducted inspections of alleged chemical weapons releases previously, with which Assad reportedly cooperated.  Last March, three inspections were completed, and Assad blamed an attack in Aleppo on the rebels.

Obama has taken the side of the rebels along with McCain and Graham.

On Monday, an Egyptian newspaper reportedly stated that Obama is a member of The Muslim Brotherhood, which supports the Syrian rebels.  The Brotherhood is a sworn enemy of the United States and desire to establish an Islamic global caliphate.

Elements of Hezbollah and “pro-Taliban jihadists” have joined with Al Qaeda members on the side of the rebels.

Obama’s first overseas trip after ascending to the Oval Office was to Middle Eastern countries, including a landmark speech given from a holy mosque in Cairo, Egypt on American-Muslim relations.  Obama’s former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, described Obama as having been “steeped in Islam” when he began attending the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago with his wife, Michelle.  Wright has invoked the rhetoric of Malcolm X and is a close associate of Louis Farrakhan.

Russia supports Assad in the Syrian conflict.  The French press has claimed that Assad “staged” chemical weapons attacks earlier this year.

It is suspected that Obama ordered the transfer of weapons through the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya, which was destroyed on September 11, 2012, to Turks and Algerians, who then handed off the weapons to the Syrian rebels.  Whether or not the terrorist attack which razed the compound and killed four Americans was related to the alleged weapons transfers is an open question.  An August 30 report states that the weapons transfers may have included chemical agents.

When the “Arab Spring” began in December 2010, the Obama regime supported it in the name of “democracy.”  However, since the protests of 2011, Egypt elected a Muslim Brotherhood candidate who was deposed after a year; Tunisia adopted an Islamic government rather than a secular one; Libya has a weak interim government which cannot contain the terrorists threatening destabilization; and Syria has been embroiled in civil war.

Putative Secretary of State John Kerry has declared that Assad is responsible for the chemical weapons release.  Assad has warned against a military strike, stating that it could be the beginning of an “uncontrollable regional war.”

An unconfirmed report states that “U.S. intelligence” staged the August 21 chemical weapons attack.

Earlier on Monday, an Egyptian newspaper and television station reportedly announced that Barack Hussein Obama is a member of The Muslim Brotherhood.  Previously, an Egyptian official stated on television that Obama’s half-brother Malik is the financier of The Muslim Brotherhood’s international apparatus.

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  1. The (non) use of chemical weapons is governed by international treaties (laws). For any one country to decide to act as judge, jury and executioner regarding international law amounts to illegal vigilante law.

    This is an international problem and it demands an international response/solution. The United States, as part of the international community, can and should participate in any judgement and response; but the United States should not be the unilateral judge, jury and executioner regarding international treaties (laws).

    Investigators have found that Sarin gas was used by “Somebody”; but the investigation did not identify the entity that used it.

    The evidence regarding the perpetrator of the gas attack is not clear and conclusive – it would be a mistake to act impulsively before the facts are scientifically clear and convincing regarding who launched the attack AND the international community has decided how to respond to this obvious breach of international law.

    The United States cannot afford nor has the United States the authority to act on it’s own in this international matter.