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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2013

Is Washington, DC the equivalent of “The Capitol” in “The Hunger Games,” a sprawling centralized metropolis which controls the remainder of the country and sees its youth slaughtered?

(Aug. 29, 2013) — This week I was watching “Hunger Games”again with my kids and found myself comparing this runaway hit movie of 2012 to the twisted and dangerous world we are living in now.  You may recall with “Hunger Games” the Capital of the nation of Panem randomly drew a teenage girl and boy from 12 districts for the Hunger Games.  These teens were trained, obtained sponsors then were dropped into an area and watched by the viewing mobs with cameras everywhere.  The bottom line was only one could win and live.  All else would die.  It was modern-day “Gladiators.”

The President of Panem stated that the only thing more powerful in controlling the people through fear was with hope.  Thus, the idea of a national game, Hunger Game, where the 24 ‘forced’ contestants were treated like stars, entertained and was used to distract and control the masses.  The contestants each died with attention and honor after inspiring ‘hope.’

Who else controls with ‘hope’ then fear?

False front groups and loyalties are created and supported by Obama and the progressive left.  Hope and change is fed to the masses over and over again.  It pulls them all into the arena and grandstands.  Fear then keeps them there.

Remember Occupy Wall Street.  Though some involved with the protests meant well, the masses that were manipulated did not.  Crimes, rapes, robberies and mob rule were everywhere.  Remember that this group of thugs was described by Obama and the media as ‘old fashioned revolutionaries’…inspiring hope — “Obama” kind of hope.

We saw the same definition of ‘hope’ with ‘Arab Spring.’  Only Arab Spring was hope for radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood, not for freedom and the people dying to taste just the edge of any real hope in the Middle East. 

The promise of hope was used with the takeover of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.  To achieve this, the hope and change lie had to be built to mob level and Hosni Mubarak had to be thrown out.   As always with the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam, the threats and fear ‘walls’ were put up everywhere in Egypt.  Dissenters were murdered and raped. The Egyptian Constitution was gutted and freedoms were crushed.  

I don’t think Morsi and the radical Muslim Brotherhood expected millions of Egyptians to march in the street and protest.  Thankfully and surprisingly, the military stood with the people and against the evils of Morsi and his government.  Morsi was thrown out along with his lies about hope. 

* Occupy Wall Street – Obama supported

* Arab Spring – Obama supported

* Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi overthrow of Egypt – Obama supported

* Dictator Zelaya who violated the laws and people of Honduras and was legally thrown out – Obama supported Zelaya

* Obama now is shouting out war plans against Syria and al-Assad, accusing them of using chemical weapons.  All the real and Arabic-based intelligence proves the use of chemical weapons by the Rebels, not al-Assad and his military.  Obama is on the wrong side with Syria and this could lead to World War III if we aren’t careful.

Obama is the biggest inventor of ‘hope,’ then giver-of-fear the world has ever seen.  Where are the millions marching in the streets in America?  Where is the courage of the House and Senate to stand against the lies and unconstitutional behavior of our Zelaya and Morsi – Obama?  He already uses the IRS, NSA, EPA and other Obama-controlled groups to attack his enemies.  Soon he will add Obamacare to attack more enemies and unwanted people in his regime.

Obama chronically has linked his hope card with volunteerism,  service, manipulated health care and a new kind of Americanism – Nationalism and sameness with others.

This Obama hope is to be inspired and controlled once the masses are in the arena,by Islam in one barrel and the New World Order – sustainability and Agenda 21 in barrel number 2.  Obama ‘hope’ and ‘fear’ – both barrels are at America’s head.   He MUST be thrown out, impeached or tried for treason.

Let America experience real hope for a change and Obama experience real fear for a change.

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