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by OPOVV, ©2013

“What difference, at this point, does it make?”

(Aug. 28, 2013) — I’m now retired, after sweating and toiling for 40 years, minus the 15 or so years spent going to various schools around the country, attempting to satisfy a voracious appetite for knowledge, becoming one of the world’s experts (in my mind) on the quality of a library. There was a library in Florida with a shiny new building, lush carpet, plenty of computers, and thousands of movies, yet only two plays by Shakespeare, so it was really a barren wasteland of the written word.

Then you say, well, if that’s all it is, you can read just about any book on the computer. No, sorry, I’m not buying those apples. It’s not that I’m not trusting (I’m not); it’s not as if I believe whatever I’m told (I don’t); it’s that the likelihood of tampering with the written word is less likely than with a translation from page to screen.

Since retirement, I’ve (in my mind) become even more civilized than I was when I was fighting rush-hour traffic year-in and year-out. Climb a mountain? Try I-95 at 8:00 am between West Palm Beach and Miami. My definition of being civilized is to have dessert after every meal, so seeing me with a dish of chocolate ice cream after my breakfast is in keeping with my new and, I believe, better and improved lifestyle.

So being civilized, I look at the Benghazi attack with open eyes and an open mind. I was paying attention the day of 9-11-2012, when Muslims killed four of our fellow citizens in an unprotected outpost of America’s might. At first, like you, I thought how idiotic of these Muslims, just killing Americans just because they’re Americans.  I mean, maybe they’re killing good Americans. No, that’s not right, is it? I mean, I can’t say that these Muslims were savages (they are) for the wanton destruction, torture and murder because, after all, it’s what they do: they kill, it’s ALL they know. They don’t know any better because they’ve never been taught any better. The Muslim definition of “The Golden Rule” is to kill Infidels; it’s that simple.

Do we look down on a cobra because of its capacity to kill? Do we deride a cancer cell for causing mayhem? Then why do we act surprised when a Muslim kills us, just as what happened at Ft. Hood? No, these Muslims aren’t “uncivilized” (in their minds); they’re just your normal, everyday moderate Muslim who kills his wife for growing old, who likes really young girls, who commits unspeakable cruelties to animals, especially to canines and swine. No, those Muslims who killed our four guys in Benghazi were just acting out their parts that were scripted for them 1,400 years ago.

The REAL uncivilized party in the Benghazi horror show was the people of the United States who 1) let the situation get out of hand in the first place and, 2) utterly and purposefully let our Ambassador be murdered by not sending in the cavalry when help was asked for and expected.

Did Obama trade Ambassador Stevens for Bin Laden or for some “deal” to kidnap our Ambassador to be traded for the Blind Sheikh? You can’t make a deal with people who are unable to keep their word. You can’t make a deal with people who have no honor. How can you make a deal with people who believe in “honor killings? “Oh, we had to bury my 16-year-old daughter alive because she looked at a boy” (true story).

No, if nothing else, the people who allowed their fellow citizens to be murdered by not sending help are the real uncivilized savages. Nice going, Obama and Hillary.  How does it feel to wallow with the other uncivilized slime at the bottom of the barrel?


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