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by Sharon Rondeau

The Muslim Brotherhood’s goal is to establish a worldwide caliphate in which Islam is the only accepted religion

(Aug. 26, 2013) — On Sunday, former PLO member and Middle Eastern expert Walid Shoebat said on a radio show that he has seen evidence of “bribery” between “the Obama administration” and members of The Muslim Brotherhood.  He also reported it on his website on Friday.

Shoebat was a guest on the Bill Cunningham Show and stated that in the referenced documents (5:00) which he saw in a Middle East newspaper, “they acknowledge receipt [of the bribes] with the signatures.”  He showed a photo of a corroborating document reportedly obtained “from inside the Mursi government.”

“They don’t show you much in American media,” Shoebat said at 5:15.

At the beginning of the interview, Shoebat told Cunningham that Obama’s rumored plan to bomb Syria in defense of the rebels could be misplaced.  News reports and the White House have stated that Bashar al-Assad, the current Syrian dictator, used chemical weapons on civilians on August 21.  Shoebat said that “there is no evidence of the Syrian Army having used chemical weapons” (2:38).

In a post dated August 27, 2013 on Shoebat’s blog, it is stated that the reported use of chemical weapons “smacks of desperation.”  Shoebat aired a video in Arabic in which rebels, not Assad’s forces, threatened to use chemical weapons.  Assad’s forces has been gaining an advantage in recent weeks over the rebels, and Shoebat reasoned that it would not have been logical for Assad to have ordered the use of chemical weapons then.

At 9:38, Shoebat changed the subject to the turmoil in Egypt and said that the Egyptians are “thumbing their nose” at the United States and that the Middle East is “in chaos.”

Cunningham responded that Libya, Iran, Syria and Egypt are all in some form of crisis which he believes “the disaster of Obama’s foreign policy” has caused.  He then decried the U.S. economy, citing that four out of five Americans are currently living in some type of poverty.

In late 2010, a Tunisian man set himself on fire purportedly to protest the dictatorial government there.  The following month, protests erupted in Syria, Yemen, Morocco, Libya, and Egypt.  Syria has been embroiled in civil war ever since.  Libya has a weak interim government and Tunisia adopted an Islamic government.  Egypt saw Muslim-Brotherhood-supported Mohamed Morsi elected in late June 2012, only to be deposed on July 3, 2013.

Street fighting, fires, attacks and murders, particularly of Christians and children, have been carried out by Morsi supporters since he was removed from office.  Morsi is now incarcerated, charged with numerous crimes by the new interim government, including murder and kidnapping.

Middle Eastern expert Raymond Ibrahim found the claim made last week by Egyptian official Tahani Al-Jebali that Obama is connected to The Muslim Brotherhood credible.  Ibrahim said “there’s no doubt” that Obama’s half-brother, Malik, is an associate of The Brotherhood.

Ibrahim echoed Shoebat when he stated that the U.S. media has not reported Egyptians’ allegations made during street protests that Obama “supports terrorism in Egypt.”

There is speculation that Morsi was involved at some level with the terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya last September 11.  On June 30, Shoebat detailed a Libyan intelligence document in which Morsi (Mursi) is named as an emissary by several members of the terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia who were arrested in Egypt.  Two days after the attack which killed four Americans, Shoebat released video from a cell phone taken during the violence depicting some of the attackers saying, “Don’t shoot us!  We were sent by Mursi!”

Another individual whose name was mentioned by the six men arrested was  Safwat Hegazi, who launched Morsi’s presidential campaign, promising that Morsi would build an Islamic Caliphate if he were elected.  Morsi said he would represent all Egyptians.

Shoebat believes that leaks from Egypt’s government resulted in the public report that the bribes paid to three Muslim Brotherhood members were in the “tens of millions of dollars” from the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, which was also attacked on September 11.  The trio were to have gone on trial beginning on Sunday, but the hearings have been delayed for two months.  Shoebat predicted that the document bearing signatures of those who accepted the bribes “will be used as evidence in the upcoming trials.”

The bribery money allegedly was paid “monthly” in “U.S. dollars.”

On August 19, a video of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (CA-48) showed the congressman stating that the Benghazi debacle “could well bring down” Obama.

On Friday, Jebali had said that the Egyptian interim government has the “documents and proofs” of Obama’s collusion with The Muslim Brotherhood.

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