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by OPOVV, ©2013

King Louis XIV is known as “the Sun King” and remembered for his extensive gardens around the palace in Versailles

(Aug. 22, 2013) — I call my philosophical theory on  21st Century Modern Man the “Rat Maze Theory.”  There may be more ostentatious examples, but it’s my belief that the first maze set off a chain of events that we’re still suffering from. In the beginning, somewhere the first really rich guy built himself a garden on land that was suitable for cultivation, or else some farmer got sick and tired of plowing, or some farmer’s wife got sick and tired of pulling weeds. No matter who was the first, it caught on, at least in some fringe circles.  Louis XIV is one example, with his thousands of acres transformed into some sort of controlled environment with paths, gardens, and water entrapment containers that were called “reflecting ponds.”

Think about it: they just couldn’t come out and say that these ponds were fish hatcheries or open cisterns. No, they really had to rub it in the working man’s face. So this laborer, let’s make him a carpenter, toils all day and makes it home. Oh, great; now he can spend hours “reflecting” on land that he’s paying taxes on. No growing catfish for food allowed, that would diminish the absolute waste of the exercise, which is to allow the one who is paying the taxes to gloat on his own ostentatious behavior.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of parks. I like parks; there’s no down-side as far as I can see. They provide many hiding places for park employees, open space for children to play, for adults to picnic and fly kites. But the downside of being a park advocate is maybe being blind to not being on the bandwagon for human habitats that require cross-ventilation, a balcony, enough space for a full-fledged Victory Garden.

When I think of Al Gore, I think of the guy I call “Poor Al,” someone who continuously misses the boat, I mean, all of the time. If Poor Al would support causes that made sense, then maybe he’d have a chance. Maybe Birth Control. Pollution. The abolishing of land mines. But, no, Poor Al is on a bandwagon that has been lying on its side, in a ditch, way back there on the road to common sense and prosperity. Rusted axles, broken spokes, and he sold his television station (Hey, Al, Muslims don’t care about pollution or your Global Warming nonsense).

So what do icebergs have to do with mazes, you ask? It’s the perception of control. It’s governments controlling everything, or certainly wanting to. It’s Sharia Law; it’s everything the Constitution is against. It’s ignorance replacing the ability to uncover a lie. Freedom: the absence of dependency. Ergo, if one is independent, one does not have to rely on others, or the government, for that matter.

Coming down to earth, now, we realize that no one can be totally free, but one should be free on every possible level. Minimum reliance on government, for example. Look at the history of the black community in America: from the plantation to the ghetto, from reliance on the slaveholder to reliance on the government. Call the overseer by any other name…

Control is chaos. Control is taxes, rules, regulations, a limiting factor in what size weapon you can own. I want a tank in every garage. I want each of us armed to the hilt. I want us all to be able to supplement our own food supply. I want each of us to have unfettered access to libraries 24 hours a day with none of this concerning idiocy, no “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “Pentagon Papers.”  I want us to live under the rules and guidelines of our Constitution. You want to bring order into chaos? Try seeing the world as it really is, and not through some reflection, sleight-of-hand lie, that this government is trying to shove down our throats.


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