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by Sharon Rondeau

Kimberly Guilfoyle is one of the co-hosts of “The Five,” along with Bob Beckel, Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino, and Andrea Tantaros

(Aug. 21, 2013) — On Fox News Channel’s Wednesday edition of “The Five,” the 5:30 p.m. segment addressed the controversy which has recently arisen of whether or not Sen. Ted Cruz is a “natural born Citizen” and therefore eligible to run for the presidency.

It has been rumored that Cruz is considering becoming a candidate for 2016.

After showing Cruz’s birth certificate, which Cruz made available to The Dallas Morning News on Sunday, the five commentators in turn discussed Cruz’s origins, which are a birth in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to a U.S.-citizen mother and Cuban-citizen father.

“The Five” presented the question of whether or not a dual citizen can be president of the United States given the “natural born” requirement in Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the Constitution, although they did not directly quote the passage.

A spokeswoman for Cruz on Monday said that Cruz did not possess Canadian citizenship, but Canadian legal scholars have stated that anyone born in their country is automatically granted citizenship.  On Tuesday, Cruz said that as a U.S. senator, he believes that his only citizenship should be that of the United States and that he will renounce his Canadian citizenship.

After discussing Cruz’s background, Eric Bolling said, paraphrased, “Well, with Obama we were essentially looking at the same thing…born to a U.S.-citizen mother inside or outside of the country; we don’t know which…”

Fox’s Sean Hannity also discussed Cruz’s release of his birth certificate and compared it to Obama having purportedly released his in April 2011, but Hannity did not report on the findings of a law enforcement investigation which show that the image is a “computer-generated forgery.”  Obama’s Selective Service registration form was also found to be fraudulent.  The entity which performed the investigation over nearly two years, the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse, has been striving to reach members of Congress about the evidence to urge a congressional investigation.

Over the last two months, lead investigator Mike Zullo has reported that Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas had pledged to take action, and this month Reps. Ted Yoho and Lou Barletta indicated their support of Stockman’s stance.  On Monday, WorldNetDaily reported that Stockman has “proposed legislation calling for a congressional investigation of both the president’s constitutional eligibility and the authenticity of the birth certificate he released to show he was born in Hawaii.”

On August 7, The Post & Email contacted Stockman’s office to inquire if Stockman were drafting any type of legislation to deal with the forgery but did not receive a response.  Yoho had first alluded to it in a townhall meeting on August 3 which Zullo appeared to believe was precipitate.  We also did not receive a reply to our question to Stockman posed on Twitter on August 18.

On Al Sharpton’s “PoliticsNation,” Dana Millbank of The Washington Post vaguely referred to a “conspiracy” theory that Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent; however, he did not say how that “conspiracy” came to be.

When Fox News’ religious correspondent, Fr. Jonathan Morris, stated exactly three years ago that Obama was born in Kenya, co-anchor Alisyn Camerota was quick to say incredulously (paraphrased), “What do you mean?  He was born here.”



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  1. I think Obama IS a Natural Born Citizen,(I think he showed his credentials to the Supremes in January 2009, which is why they won’t touch it). But his problem is that he is using a false name, and his Mum is a wanted Communist revolutionary terrorist and his Dad is a Socialist Muslim revolutionary. His family, if revealed, would be shown to be Haters of America and Whites, just like him and his “wife”.

  2. Also, what is to prevent Congress from certifying Cruz, Rubio or Jindal like they did McCain superseding Article II, or ignoring Art II completely like they did for Obama?

  3. Now Bret Baier saying on FOX that “DUAL NATIONALS CANNOT BE PRESIDENT” (he is right!), a Democratic operative saying that there is nothing wrong with being a Dual National and that one can still be NATURAL BORN and DUAL (ok..how about a dual YEMENI Citizen and a USA citizen…the Democratic operative makes NO SENSE), and Charles Krauthammer resoundingly reprimanding the Democratic operative telling him that it is all about “ALLEGIANCE TO A FOREIGN POWER.”

    TO WHOM does O owe HIS ALLEGIANCE? The “57” States may be the right answer!

  4. Ted Cruz was born in Canada per his BC.

    According to the Canadian law experts the Morning News spoke with…
    Under the Citizenship Act of 1947, anyone born in Canada is automatically granted citizenship at birth unless their parent was a foreign diplomat. (Cruz’s parents were not.) Or, more simply, as University of Montreal law professor France Houle put it: “If a child was born in the territory, he is Canadian, period.”

    Cruz’ mother was born in Delaware and his father was born in Cuba. His father came to the US in 1957 and became a US citizen in 2005…waited 48 years. Cruz was born in 1970 while his father was a Cuban citizen.

    According to natural born expert, Mario Apuzzo,Esq. http://puzo1.blogspot.com/,
    A natural born citizen is one born in the US whose mother and father were born in the US.


    As a Texan involved in the US Senate primary (supported a qualified, non-politician in the Primary) I know that Ted Cruz is an extremely intelligent and brilliant lawyer who knows the Constitution. He thought the “uninformed public” would not learn about his not being a NBC. Kudos to the Dallas Morning News because we must not allow someone who appears to be a viable candidate run a fradulent campaign.

    1. Ted is truly gifted, although he may be “tolerating the ambiguity” as it is not incumbent upon HIM to define NATURAL BORN but rather WE, via the Constitution, AS A NATION.

      Obama walked right in the door facilitated by the DNC. The DNC spat on the Constitution and wielded tyranny against the enfranchisement of citizens. The RNC cowered in ignorance and cowardice.

      The RNC NOW must make a painful decision FOR the CONSTITUTION, and can take solace that there will always be a place in high public service for Cruz, who is an asset to our Nation.

  5. As recently pointed out, JB Williams has shown the Constitutional definition of natural born. To fully understand this you have to read the Constitution and also for full clarity study Emerich De Vattel’s “The Law Of Nations” which is what many of the founding fathers used as an outline to write and draw up our early writings- the book 1 and chapter 19 sections 212,213,214,215 for the real understanding. As JB Williams points out, 212 explains 3 times in the section that “Just as all birthrights follow the blood of the father, so does natural rights of citizenship. This debunks the theory that “both parents” must be legal citizens at the same time of birth of any offspring. ONLY THE FATHER CONFERS NATURAL BORN CITIZENSHIP.” Anyone claiming that Obama’s mother transferred citizenship to Obama is dead wrong, as the mother cannot do that-only the father. Also, as qualifications to be POTUS are defined, no person may hold dual citizenship to be POTUS.

    1. It is not unlike reading the BIBLE in Context. The “eye of the needle” is not the sewing needle, but a gate in the wall of Jerusalem by which a rich man (on a camel) would have to BOW DOWN to be able to enter or be knocked off his saddle! So with the Constitution: So many ambiguities and unnecessary confusion are avoided by understanding the BACKGROUND of terms such as “natural born.”