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by jtx, ©2013

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S Constitution requires the president to be a “natural born Citizen,” but a law enforcement investigation shows that Barack Hussein Obama “has no past” and may not even possess U.S. citizenship

(Aug. 19, 2013) — There’s a serious concern as to whether an illegitimate president or other government official should be treated with loving-kindness by either the Impeachment process or by criminal trial and Imprisonment. Many people (such as those on the freeway overpasses on some Southern California freeways and elsewhere) believe that the process to Impeach is some solid, quick, and certain process which will “bring shame“ upon the man and his political party.  They seem to be missing a few points as to what the true political nature of the “Impeach” political action really is.

Some people do not realize that it is even doubtful that someone never showing himself eligible to hold the office actually CAN be impeached. Some of these “Impeach Idealogues” do not realize it is possible to hold a trial on certain post-Impeachment points (and only then after the action has taken its course on those certain points).   They perhaps do not know that it is also possible to “Imprison” such an unwieldy appendage by trial on criminal charges for ignoring our laws and creating his own. This can be done since the U.S. criminal code covers all manner of aberrant government officials, not merely the presumed president. There would be serious differences as to the efficacy of these two techniques.

Let’s look at each in alphabetical order …


Many think that Impeachment is the only method of removal of an ineligible or “misbehaving” holder of the Oval Office or other government official. That is quite incorrect and in fact carries a good bit of its own downside.

Mainly a set of political punishments rather than one for specific felonious acts though perhaps allowing for later criminal prosecution – seldom done. Typically limited to censure (words) or, if passed by the House to the Senate for enactment, and if enacted with removal from office or any charges must at one point be “reviewed” by the Congressional Research Service (CRS).  The CRS will, no doubt, end up utilizing the gentle services of one Jack Maskell, who, following Obama’s first inauguration, rapidly presented several memos in an attempt to explain why Obama was constitutionally eligible to the presidency.  The memos were released to every congressional office though not to the public. Maskell’s several memos – all dishonest and perhaps criminally so – even in two cases “miswrote” the content of two U.S. Supreme Court opinions to favor the holder of the Oval Office who has still not yet shown himself to be legally eligible to hold that office. 

Joseph DeMaio has completely obliterated these rampantly communist genuflections that Maskell made for his “fearless leader.”  Many of those in the mainstream media used these memos also as “cover” documents since many were being treated to the “Chicago Way,” which none of them were honest/brave enough to report.  Do you think ANY of these “bands of brothers” would be helpful against. lawbreakers in an Impeachment??? C’mon!!

Consider the extant case to try Impeachment and judge how successful it might be.  The man sitting there unlawfully has ignored a myriad of our laws and will continue to do so throughout lengthy Impeachment proceedings. He has ample congressional support, as so many appear to have been beaten down by fear of this man.  Moreover, while on trial, he most likely would carry out vastly more catastrophic acts.  It should be obvious that he does not care for any US citizens who disagree with his follies, and certainly, most in Congress at present would do nothing to prevent such grave shenanigans.  Remember:  Impeachment proceedings take a LOOOONG time, so reflections on how to obtain “sweet revenge” on his “subjects” may occur in a leisurely fashion on the golf course or one of his many mega-vacation trips.


There’s more to be said about the earlier subject, but it is clearly not a fail-safe or rapid path to get this dangerous individual where he belongs.  18 USC, Sections 43, 91, 911, 912 and others, including the RICO acts, pertain to forgery.  Many of these pertain, for example, to crimes involving forgery which begin with penalties of three years per offense and can include the death penalty.

Considering that a duly-constituted law enforcement body has conducted a criminal investigation for almost two years and determined with extensive evidence that the long-form birth certificate on the White House website is fraudulent…a forgery…that seems like a good starting point. It would be even more helpful to read the legally significant view of Dr. Edwin Vieira, who has multiple law degrees from Harvard and discusses both sides of the issue. In his three-part treatise, Vieira points out that the option of imprisonment does not fall under congressional succession rules, meaning that we would not have a President Biden or any of the others involved in the cover-up. 

There are many penalties under 18 USC which apply without restriction to government officers, judges of all sorts, cabinet officials, the president of the United States, and on and on.  These arrogant fleecers of the public only THINK they’ve made it off scot-free with these shenanigans … We the People just have to catch them red-handed. With the Arizona investigation of this nonsense now, we have.  And keep in mind the Constitution names We the People as the protectors of the Constitution; BHO just pretends to be.  We are, remember, a nation of laws, not men.

It is also up to the people to start pressing their congressmen to view the clear results of the validly confirmed birth certificate forgery and fraudulent Selective Service registration card which to which Obama has connected himself.  Note that even the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court is right in there, too – and many others including Biden, Holder, etc.  This evidence may soon be available through Rep. Steve Stockman’s office and hopefully will be viewed by any sensible, non-controlled congressman to judge with an open mind.  I see nothing wrong with heavy, quick subpoena powers enforced with maximum pressure on Robert Bauer and his Perkins Coie associates despite his claims that all pertinent papers are “attorney- client privilege,” presumably giving that lawyer the privilege of violating this country’s laws and committing treason.  I think not.  The same applies to the whole infested political group in Hawaii from the Department of Health right up to the governor.  The same applies to Occidental College and others; cut off their funding and find some nice criminal charges to file against them.  WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS, ARE WE NOT???

### The best way to resolve the Obama eligibility/identity crisis is to contact your congressman “nose to nose” if possible.  If not, then a handwritten or typed letter should be far more effective than a fax or phone call.  What you do can make a HUGE difference.  Get them in your sights and press them on the point; we have a criminal felon in the White House, and we want him GONE along with much of his regime.  It’s time for We the People to become real citizens once again.



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  1. This is a well reasoned article which clearly points the direction in which we must go if we are ever to be rid of this Communist Scourge. One of the problems is that a considerable number of our “Congress persons” are complicit and also card carrying Communists. Fortunately there are some we can and must trust. Maybe a totally unarmed throng of Citizens will have to swarm and pray that the Forces sent there to protect US, will remember their Oath and not fire on us.
    Of course THEY SHOULD be doing this, NOT us!