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by John McClain, USMC-Ret., TPATH Contributor, ©2013

(Aug. 17, 2013) — As a professional document examiner, trained by the Marine Corps for the purpose of recruiting, taught by well established certified document experts, I have known the forgeries of obama began before his Illinois Senate run, having grown up on the outskirts of Chicago and following his rise.

As a recruiter, I had to have a state issued Birth Verification Document to begin the process of enlisting someone into the Corps.  Every single member of the Armed Forces who has served since Korea has provided one of these documents to a recruiting agent, an original with proper certification.   The idea that anything can prevent the legal release of such document for any reason other than the actual individual is entirely ludicrous.  The sole authority I had to get such documents for the majority of recruit hopefuls was a signed “privacy act waiver” which, with five dollars in downtown Richmond provided me with the actual certified document, while I watched each step, and each person in their part of the production and certifying of that document.

 The statement from Hawaiian officials

alleging they could not release his document by law, was entirely fabricated.

What was presented as such a document at first by this imposter was not even a copy of such a document, but a copy of a hospital form used to gather the data which would be transferred to the form which would become “the document”.  That special paper, with all its legal security features is just a piece of paper until every line is filled out, every proper seal affixed, and it authenticated by the singular appointed head of “The Department of Vital Statistics and Census” for the region, area or county.  That person alone has the issued embossing stamp with their own serial number, and only their signature reflecting the same person as that serial number makes “a piece of fancy paper” a “legal document” capable of certifying his legal status at birth.

The sole impediment to the “Birth Verification Document” being publicized was the refusal of obama to sign the privacy act waiver, nothing else.

To enlist the least person to be the least of infantry, to enter the Corps as a cook or a ditch digger, demands the six page in 1994 and identical to the 1976 version filled out by myself as I enlisted, “background check work-sheet” wherein my schools, my employment, all my activity from birth to that date was filled in, with names of references for all those years.

As a matter of fact, the filling out of such a form would preclude obama from entering any service, as his open and well documented association with Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorn, Reverend Wright, indeed, practically every single person who can be shown to have been part of his upbringing was in fact on the FBI’s wanted list, with many being “most wanted” for acts of terrorism within the Nation as part of communist organizations perpetrating bombings against government agencies and buildings.

I completely endorse the security measures that ensure the least possibility of enemy infiltration of our armed forces.  At the same time, to suggest we can allow for a commander in chief to be legitimate without meeting far more stringent demands, not requirements, should be beyond even consideration.  Only those with the desire to see an enemy in this position could in any way suggest this is not imperative, yet we have the entire congress having made that statement.

If we recruit  a hundred thousand men and women into our armed forces each year with these and half a day’s work worth of other forms for the very least of such, it is sheer hypocrisy to suggest the demand for the required documentation is foolish, anything but following proper procedure, and any act contrary to the simple fulfilling of these “least of demands” is an act of treason, because the sole possible reason for advocating, much less acting to the contrary, suggesting no good reason for meeting this standard can only be for the exact purpose of allowing an unqualified person to attain the office deliberately.

I’ve been called names, made fun of, and far more, but every Marine I ever served with, every Soldier I’ve ever known, every single person serving, has eagerly met this standard.  The sole reason for rejecting this demand, the only possible reason for ridiculing those expecting proper paperwork, is the certain knowledge the one whose documents won’t be seen is in fact not qualified, and his documents are the evidence which show this conclusively.  No person can follow standard procedures of law for bureaucratic purposes or for the purpose of indictment and not come to this solid and sound conclusion.

The sole purpose for the ridicule is to suggest a legitimate cause to ignore the issue.  If there were such a cause, its simple statement would demonstrate the legitimacy of its self, and it would meet the standards established, and be true, or it would not, and would be demonstrably false.  The sole excuse for the support of continuing this violation of election law can only be supporting a known felon who has usurped office, and all who stand in the way of the clear demonstration of his eligibility, or lack there of are indeed fellow conspirators, either before the fact or by law, after the fact.  Those who have called for his bona fida’s be verified as true and legitimate before the public merely demand the rule of law be fulfilled, when it has patently been deliberately bypassed.

Those who stand in the way of the forcing of this act are every bit as criminal as the whole panoply of fellow criminals who are fully embedded in our government, and running it without any consent, and with no purpose of fulfilling its legitimate purpose, and every purpose of twisting it to become totalitarian and dictating over the Nation.

The Constitution has not been altered, but ignored, and we have allowed this ongoing for over a century.  Those supporting the criminal acts of obama merely use the precedent we have allowed by not adjudicating each and every usurpation of power, and securing ourselves against government, but kowtowing to criminal demands from “Teddy” Roosevelt, all the way down through this current president.  If we will not stop it, it is because we have chosen to ignore it, and enjoy our personal lives with the hope it never turns its hungry eyes on that which we have.  It is not “party” which is the cause, nor is it the vast and real infiltration by the communists and socialists.  It rests entirely on the fact we have chosen to become an ignorant people, unwilling to meet the demanding standards of “the sovereignty” we would enjoy, and accepting the losses as they come, incrementally, for our lack of will to thrust back and stand strong, holding them, because to do so requires knowledge, courage, and the willingness to sacrifice if it must be, up to and including life, for principle.

With better than a century of setting aside the constitution, “We, The People” must have a very difficult job if we are to force it back into recognition, and we have to start somewhere that cannot be gain-said.  I say we start with the single most fundamental issue there is; the “least demands for factual documents proving his eligibility”.  Since his own autobiography states his exact disqualifying factor, the simple reading of constitutional requirements in public, and the relating of his documents, immediately demonstrates he is not a “natural born citizen”, and cannot be, but is in fact, first, a subject of the British Commonwealth, and by that, ineligible to run for office.

If this were Caterpillar Corporation, and the issue one of eligibility for a manager, the applicant would provide the necessary paperwork or they would not even be considered.  The fact we have allowed “parties” to become part and parcel to our political ways and to “vet” their own candidates is a full violation of the right of “The Whole of The Electorate” to know the facts of all candidates, and not only is the ineligible candidate the felonious criminal, but the “vetting” by the party makes every active member part of a major criminal conspiracy to install an illegal alien as president, and subject to the law.

I would not stand any talk show host, any interviewer to ever suggest the demand is anything less than the very least demands the law requires, and I would have to suggest everyone who suggests otherwise must have good cause to stand by an open, unrepentant criminal who has shown the facts of his crime as we watch.  Of course I may be a fool, after all, I only have a high school diploma, a bunch of diplomas from Navy electronics schools, Marine Professional Development schools, recruiting school, instructor’s school, and I have no college degree.

I managed to get from Private to Gunnery Sergeant in 14 years, and left the Corps as the Shop Supervisor of the exact same shop I first worked in as my first permanent duty station.  The Marine Corps did not think I was a fool, but considered me a leader and a truly valuable resource.

I suggest all those “talk show hosts” might want to state the lack of any real need of the same documents for all our service members if they really want to contend it’s all for show, and based on racism.  Perhaps they have and that might be why we now have no standards or qualifications required for entry, and our armed forces are falling apart in disarray.

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  1. Was he background checked for the security clearance required for the office he holds. What did all the people say that were contacted about him. I wonder if there is a form on file, as every clearance is
    backed up with the request for security clearance with supporting documents. Nuf said on this.