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(Aug. 17, 2013) — Defend the Vote has been busy working on election integrity in Illinois, and we have several projects that we are working to complete before the upcoming elections in 2014. One of our most important projects is the vulnerability assessment of the electronic voting machines used in Chicago and Suburban Cook County. We have partnered with Argonne National Laboratory as part of this security investigation.

Our initial investigations have led us to believe that electronic voting machines can never be secure. Now, we want the security professionals at Argonne to assess the security of these machines and uncover their security gaps to help find ways that risks can be eliminated or removed. Unfortunately, we have encountered tremendous resistance from Chicago and Suburban Cook County toward our vulnerability assessment. They do not want to talk to the security professionals at Argonne, let alone allow them to review the machines. They don’t seem to have an explanation why they are resistant to learning about security gaps in the election machines that tally over 4 million votes in Illinois. If the integrity of the vote is their first concern, why do they keep putting up roadblocks?

A vulnerability assessment looks at all aspects of the vote. In October 2012, we caught Chicago illegally authenticating the absentee ballots and Suburban Cook County unlawfully assigning ‘one party’ election judges to oversee the vast majority of the nursing home vote. Our findings brought instant changes to election administration while the 2012 elections were ongoing. The solutions we found had to be developed based on the timing of the elections. In 2014, we are working far in advance to prompt the necessary changes to better secure the vote.

We just posted this video on our new Defend the Vote YouTube account: Stopping Election Fraud – Are The Seals That Protect your Vote Safe? As you will see, Argonne takes a methodical approach to uncovering security flaws. These red seals and others with a similar design are being used to ‘protect’ the memory devices that secure the electronic vote. It is not difficult or costly to design better seals!

On Tuesday, August 20th, we will be at the Chicago Board of Elections meeting to ask them to change their seals and also to stop their current practice of leaving unused seals out in the open without a chain of custody. We will also be at the Illinois State Board of Elections (ISBE) on Tuesday. The ISBE is certifying additional equipment to be used in Illinois, and they are being very secretive about it. Defend the Vote will be asking why.

Our work needs funding. We are a small group that is making a big impact on Illinois elections. Our goal is to raise at least $5,000 by next Friday so we can push the issue of electronic voting without delay. While I cannot discuss it now, we have uncovered some explosive details about electronic voting machines that we will reveal in the near future.

Please help us fund the vulnerability assessment with Argonne National Laboratory. Kane, Madison, and Peoria Counties use a different electronic voting machine called the eSlate that must also be investigated. Your contributions are urgently needed to fund our investigations into electronic voting in Illinois. Please click here and make a contribution through Paypal, or snail mail a contribution to 1 West Surrey Lane, Barrington, IL 60010.

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  1. Also, remember the fate of Col Allen West in Port Saint Lucie Florida that ran as a Black Republican Conservative who was cheated out of the votes by Gertrude Walker with 2:00 am hanky-panky with the voter tally and 4,000 votes mysteriously disappeared. Allen is still involved in a lawsuit/investigation with the county. Martin and Saint Lucie Counties are controlled by hard-core Democrats and the cover-ups in those counties may go on for years. I voted for Allen and wish him the best but don’t see much happening and with the people in those counties, we have the same as in Monroe County, Tennessee and what happened to LTCDR Walt Fitzpatrick there and is also an ongoing investigation that will take years. Southern Democrats are the same as Northeastern Democrats, they just sound a little different.

  2. All the voter machines need to be standardized and monitored to stop the voter fraud. Using a designated company that is trustworthy may solve some of the problems. After 2008 and 2012 voter fraud don’t think they won’t try it again! Especially with Handsome Hillary running, it’s all stops pulled out whether murder is involved or not! This show is getting better than Saturday Night Live, unfortunately we don’t have the original cast around that would have destroyed the entire usurper coup in one show! I believe my writings to the post email are being monitored also so I know I am being hacked by the DNC creeps sitting behind closed doors. Cook County was the filming place of “The Blues Brothers” original that wrecked the entire Chicago police car inventory. Can you imagine the same thing happening to Obama and his criminal regime running DC? We need voter fraud protection and we need arrest and prosecution of all the Obama criminal assistants before America is pushed into another 4 to 8 years of voter fraud to get Handsome Hillary in to complete the Clinton Presidency or was it Monica’s cigar expose’? We don’t need to relive Black Hawk Down but have now relived Benghazi and is still being covered up by Handsome Hillary to run a blond bombshell campaign now in utter innocence.

  3. As a former long term staff member of the Argonne National Laboratory I have some concerns. While most every researcher I dealt with for 42 years were above reproach there were a few that were corrupt!
    So I wonder who at ANL will handle this. Further, how will the Labs funding survive if they come up with the with an inappropriate answer? The very liberal U of C can put a lot of pressure on the lab to get the appropriate answer! The U of Chicago managed the Lab more than 50 years. One can only hope that a strong honest competent researcher gets the task. RDC

  4. This is a very serious issue. The person voting doesn’t have a clue what the programmer programmed into the voting machine.

    When a poll, the day before an election, shows Harry Reid losing by 5% and he wins by 5%, after the machines come up with his name already checked, we have a major problem. But correcting the problem with the machines will not correct the problem we have with elections being stolen, like what Al Franken did.