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by Sharon Rondeau

A case filed by Atty. Larry Klayman claiming that Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman did not carry out her duties by vetting presidential candidates is presently before the Alabama Supreme Court. An Amicus Curiae brief filed by Atty. Albert Moore stated that Obama was a “natural born Citizen” at birth but forfeited his U.S. citizenship as a young adult.

(Aug. 14, 2013) — On August 8, The Post & Email reported on an Amicus Curiae brief which appeared to have been filed in Alabama Supreme Court case #1120465, McInnish v. Beth Chapman.

The plaintiffs, Hugh McInnish and Virgin Goode, are represented by Atty. Larry Klayman, who claims that Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman failed to do her constitutional duty to vet presidential candidates for eligibility prior to the 2012 election.

On August 7, The Post & Email contacted the Alabama Supreme Court and was told that the case was under review by the justices.

The Amicus Curiae brief, which appears online as watermarked “Friends of the Fogbow,” was filed by Atty. Albert W. L. Moore, Jr., of Independence, MO and made bold statements about Barack Hussein Obama’s history which have not, to our knowledge, ever been confirmed.  Moore stated that Obama had been born a “natural born Citizen” but relinquished U.S. citizenship in favor of Indonesian citizenship in 1979.  He also stated that Obama had been “adopted at birth” and that his purported long-form birth certificate reflects the circumstances of his adoption, not his birth parents.  It also asked the lower court “to uncover the relevant and material facts required to effect a just and true resolution of open questions regarding Obama’s eligibility to the Office of President…” (p. 11).

After we discovered Moore’s Amicus brief, we confirmed with a clerk of the court that it had indeed been filed in the case.

On August 9, The Post & Email contacted Moore by email and telephone to request an interview and to ask if he possessed or had seen documentation supporting his claims.

The following morning, The Post & Email received a response from Moore, who sent an attachment containing the court brief and an essay entitled “The Quisling Obama, EMP Attacks on America.”

We then sent another email asking:

Hello, Atty. Moore, do you have documentation to support your claim that Obama relinquished his U.S. citizenship?

Is there proof of Obama having been born to different parents than those he has claimed?

Thank you very much.

We received the following response:

Do you really want to know? Demand that those with jurisdiction and subpoena power exercise both.

On Monday, August 12, Moore called our office and left a message in response to ours.  We returned his call but unfortunately the reception was poor; we therefore hung up, called the cell phone number he had provided and left a message during which we thanked Moore for calling, provided an example of questions we would ask during the interview and promised to limit it to 15 minutes out of respect for his time.

We mentioned that we have urged members of Congress to convene a special grand jury with the ability to call witnesses issue subpoenas, and examine evidence related to the Obama identity/eligibility issue in light of the declared forgeries of Obama’s “official” documents.

On Tuesday, Moore sent an email in response to our last voice message, which is excerpted here:

Dear Owner and Editor Rondeau, Thanks for your message, Which is a welcome change from the stiff-arming and non-response of so many others…

Moore also wrote that he wanted to gather together some materials “for you and your readers” and that he could be available at 3:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday for an interview, to which we agreed.

He provided what he termed “a preview” and reiterated his belief that “Obama has been  and is conspiring with the communist rulers of the Russian Federation, China and North Korea to paralyze the United States of America with an  electromagnetic pulse (EMP) assault in the near future. Among the  purposes of this assault would be to disable the United States from protecting foreign allies from aggression, and to enable Obama to take  over the United States itself.”

We confirmed the appointment and sent Moore a link to a recent article so that he could familiarize himself with The Post & Email’s publication style.  Our response stated, in part:

The Post & Email began in August 2009 out of concern that a constitutionally-ineligible person had been “elected” to the presidency.  We, too have been concerned that there is an ulterior motive behind his occupation of the White House.  In July 2010, we helped to send a citizen researcher to Hawaii, who gathered information from the Department of Health and produced a research report, pointing out anomalies in the Birth Index in which Obama’s name appeared.  However, the Cold Case Posse has stated that a person who visited the Department of Health the year before did not find Obama’s name in the Birth Index the first time he went.  Two weeks later, however, Obama’s name was there.  That is in Mike Zullo’s affidavit filed with the Alabama Supreme Court.

and concluded with:

Thank you for your response, and I look forward to speaking with you on Wednesday afternoon.

Very early on Wednesday morning, August 14, Moore sent an email which stated that based on information he had allegedly received from the court clerk, “the amicus curiae brief was failed.”  He added, “I just hope the justices read it, and understand it better than you have, as they probably will.”

Update, August 15, 2013:  Atty. Moore sent us an email stating that “failed” above should have read “filed.”

He then said that he had “decided against sending a lot of the materials that I had in mind.”

He added:

You should know, but judging from some of your questions and comments you might not, that I don’t have definitive evidence such as O****’s DNA (though I’m working on it) or his vital records. Nor do I have in hand the State Department records that would substantiate the allegations in the amicus brief. As Bill Phelps reminded Lamar Smith, getting the evidence “is your job” (letter of 18 June 2013, Tab 3 of the attachment). That is, it’s the job of public authority with subpoena power.

I don’t have subpoena power. Neither would a silly “special grand jury of citizens” have subpoena power “to examine the evidence”, which it has no power to obtain by the requisite compulsory process. The purpose of my brief and my other appeals for the last 50 some odd months has been to persuade, cajole, coerce, or any way “by hook or crook” as FDR was fond of saying, authorities with jurisdiction and subpoena power to get the definitive evidence and act on it – indictment by a grand jury, or its legislative equivalent, impeachment by the House of Representatives.


…Let’s discuss ways to renew pressure on Congress…

He also suggested that citizens take his Amicus brief to meeting with their congressmen and discuss the claims made within it.

The Post & Email responded, in part:

OK.  I understood the brief; I just wanted to know if you had hard evidence of the statements in it.

The grand jury for which The Post & Email has advocated would be convened by Congress, not by citizens alone.  I am aware of Larry Klayman’s work with his citizens’ grand jury and other citizens’ grand juries formed since 2009 to examine Obama’s eligibility.

My readers are very engaged, attend town hall meetings, write letters, confront their congressmen, etc.  I just published a lengthy article about a reader who has been harassed and threatened by the Capitol Police for calling various congressmen.  The officer’s claims against the reader have not been substantiated and have changed depending on the person with whom she was speaking.  Complaints against the officer have been filed and we are awaiting an outcome.

We asked if he still planned on being available at 3:00 p.m. EDT but did not hear from him until just before our scheduled interview.

In an email sent on August 14 at 2:51 p.m. EDT, Moore responded, “Ask all you like.  You should already know the answers, which I’ve given you in writing…Again, the exercise of subpoena power is necessary to get the definitive evidence. Read the brief. I ask the court to require the court below to conduct discovery…I’ll try to elaborate and clarify when we talk.”

Moore then said that he is in the process of writing a book “about O****’s destruction of America.”  He added:

I might be a bit late in calling. Maybe you’ll want to leave and not hear from me. XXXXXX blocks my emails and XXXX asks that I not send her any. . .

Moore’s message was received by The Post & Email at exactly 3:00 p.m.  Our response was that we would be available until 5:00 p.m. EDT and “I look forward to speaking with you.”

He never called.

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  1. If we were to ask the Framers if a person born with British citizenship AFTER the Revolution could be Commander in Chief they would have thought the questioner had three heads. the DNC and Obama himself mock our Constitution and traditions. We are being all disenfranchised, even those who voted for him .

  2. If Obama cannot prove that BOTH his Parents were Americans when he was born and that he was born IN the USA, Obama cannot be President.

  3. He is very vague – he’s doesn’t seem to have any evidence – I can’t understand him mucking up this case with a crappy brief if he has no direct evidence – I don’t even understand why the court would accept a brief with no direct evidence – it adds nothing.
    He seems to have a lot theories but no evidence.

    1. Larry Klayman’s case doesn’t need to be attached to another if there
      is little or no evidence supporting the Amicus Curiae – it could even be an Obot ploy to dilute and discredit the case. If Moore has evidence, let him file charges or a lawsuit on his own.