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by OPOVV, ©2013

Photo by Jameson Hsieh, courtesy of The Washington Times, of a rodeo clown who has been “banned for life” for carrying out a skit about Obama at the state fair on Saturday. All clowns must now take “sensitivity training.”

(Aug. 13, 2013) — A funny thing happened on the way the rodeo the other day. No, we’re not talking about the clown who was funny, but not as funny as the real thing. What I’m saying is that my perception of a rodeo was that it was the quintessential American Experience, with football, baseball, hot dogs and Mom’s apple pie rolled into one venue, with the cotton candy thrown in, pink and blue wisps of spun sugar, glistening in the sunlight. A place where the announcer didn’t have to announce “Please remove your hats as our National Anthem is played.” The last Bastille in America where the flag still meant something, where normal Americans gathered and supported the endeavors that made America great: hard work and a desire to succeed was the driving force to success.

The rodeo isn’t just the highlights you see on television, the bronco and bull riders being the most popular. It’s the 4-H Club members who slept in the pen with their beloved prized sheep, the kids who woke up at 4:00 a.m. the curry to calf and colt, the young siblings watching in awe as their brothers and sisters ride their ponies around the ring during opening ceremonies.

It’s the familiar faces that haven’t been seen in a year. It’s the young man actually wearing out the mirror, if you can believe it, to make himself look his very best for the girl who he had a crush on last year, wishing she felt the same or at least remembered him. It’s the girl who dreamed of the handsome young man who she hoped noticed her and, yes, her mirror got worn out too, believe it or not.

It’s the best of the best coming together celebrating life and what life has to offer: pride in accomplishment. The Blue Ribbon for the best hog, the healthiest duck, the whitest sheep. Jars of preservatives, the odor of burnt chicken skin on the barbeque, the samples of rutabaga pie.

The carnie rides, the Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, and bumping cars. The throw-the-dart-and-hit-the-balloon game, the smell of the taffy, the calligraphy of sound, punctuated with the squealing of the little pigs as they raced around the Little Pig Racetrack.

…Of young couples walking down the midway holding hands for the first time, the boy planning an all-out assault on his first kiss, the planning just as intricate and detailed as any D-Day invasion of World War II, and the girl wishing he’d just cut the shenanigans and kiss her.

This is America, the melting pot of us all; at least it used to be, until some brain-damaged Obots cashiered a rodeo clown for making fun of the de facto president, for making fun of the illegal immigrant president, for making fun of the de facto president who is using a stolen Social Security number and fake Birth Certificates. “The Death of the Rodeo” happened in the heartland of America. The “Show Me” State sure lived up to its name, showing us all that there are no limits what the enemy will do to destroy America, its values and traditions trashed, just as they are trashing the Constitution and the balance of power among the three branches of government…Killing our rodeo, killing America and killing us.

There is a government, but no longer by or for the people. There is a mindset that’s a one-way street to disaster, but they don’t see it, and may never see it. They might see it if we’d all boycott any rodeo that doesn’t have its own Obama Clown.


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  1. I thought imitation used to be “the sincerest form of flattery”. There seems to be a lot of things that are no longer tolerated in America anymore. Shame on all of us who have allowed this obvious attempt at entertainment to be bashed by those who have no sense of humor. How has America fallen!