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by Gunnery Sergeant John McClain, USMC, Retired, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Aug. 9, 2013) — We are witness to a spectacle which should have been for our amusement and edification long ago.  We have perhaps the most notorious criminal element of our government highlighted for us today because the Internal Revenue Service has been caught by someone who cares for a change, doing what they have done from their first day of action; turned toward the enemies of the executive, to be used as a tool to damage and destroy political enemies.

We would have been given this view of this notorious “service” at its inception, but the press was tied politically to those using the IRS, so they quietly applauded the exact same actions then that they are fit to be tied over today.  The sole difference from 1920 to last week is it is “The Press” which was aimed at, and now suddenly, they realize the real power of this agency, and not the agency described in the pamphlet.

No American has lived without fear of this agency since it was criminally established by Congress after the income tax amendment failed utterly, and Congress, the executive, and their lawyers had to manipulate the record to suggest the bill was indeed ratified and a lawful income tax instituted.  The constitution holds all amendments must be ratified as presented to the states, exactly as presented, unchanged, down to the last jot and tittle.  Two states did such; 46 states each returned a version of the amendment, some ratifying their version, some not.  By law, only those two qualified, and an honest Congress should have accepted the wholesale rejection of the tax.  Instead, Congress, Woodrow Wilson, and the attorney general simply stated the alterations didn’t matter; they were ratified and that was good enough.

We should note business is equally bound to these taxes, but only on such profit as is made, taxing after deducting costs.  What person works each day without a cost to maintain the machine that is their body, cost of maintaining the instrument of reason, with food, the payment of debts carried forward each month?  If business pays income tax on earned profit, why do individuals pay “income taxes” on gross receipts, and not “net profit,” as business?

This form of tax is one of many imposed on individuals over the millennia, and like most, has no rightful place at all.  We posit the purpose of government is to serve “The Nation which is The People,” and our founders carefully designed the tax form which would fulfill all the needs of government, while at the same time providing the incentive for constitutional government agencies to carefully control foreign trade, prevent “dumping,” and at the same time, promote efficiency in our own economy and our own forms of productivity, incentivizing creativity-making trade valued for innovation.

Great care and consideration was put into constraining central government to excise tax revenue; the deliberate intent was to make it possible for such government to grow only parallel to growth it engendered in our economy and productivity.  This tax kept the focus of central government on its prescribed 18 duties and purposes, and kept it out of everything else.

The founders had no doubt the States would implement a myriad of taxes to pay for the vast number of activities which take place at the local level; however, they were determined to keep “central government” entirely outside any concern of “the citizen” simply because they designed it to have no direct impact on the individual.  They understood the fact central government is too far from individuals to be kept under their constant thumb and took this specific step to keep it from putting its thumb on the individual.

Lots of proposals have been made to end this illegal income tax, but at the same time, not eliminate the revenue it generates.  The Flat Tax, the Fair Tax, and a dozen others have been proposed, but to actually eliminate the 80% of central government that is unconstitutional has been considered political suicide, so following the law has never been really considered.

If we simply restore the lawful, constitutional tax base, we return to having a federal government which must ensure the best interests of “The People” and “Our Business” are first, last and always, and at the same time, we remove all the funding for all the illegal part, the four-fifths of central government, and restore a federal government.

Internal Revenue Service
Washington, D.C.
Attn: Custodial Department Chief

Dear Chief Custodian,

I am writing to you because the recent disclosures of malfeasance in the use of the Internal Revenue Service, used by politicians to attack political enemies, means I can’t address this serious issue to those who should handle such matters, but had to look for the most likely “honest person” who might work there.  I don’t know your name, but if you don’t mind, will address you as Mr. Smith, so we can get through this with the greatest ease.

I find that I owe taxes, and as a Sovereign American Citizen, I know how important it is for the government to have regular continuous revenue flow in order to keep up with its obligations.  At the same time, given the depth and breadth of this current scandal, I don’t believe I can faithfully pay my tax debt as it is, while there is no surety it will not be abused, wasted, or end up lining someone’s pocket.

I am writing this letter, sending it by registered mail, to ensure you, at the department of revenue, know I am aware of my debt, and have every intent on paying it, yet I cannot include a check with this letter because as a sovereign citizen, I am also responsible for seeing it is used well and properly, and not wasted, and currently, I have no way of ensuring such will take place.

Mr. Smith, please accept my assurances I have all intentions of paying every cent of tax I owe, and take this letter as a legal document attesting to my intent, and acknowledgement of the debt, and my willingness to settle it just as soon as the IRS gets its house in order.

Mr. Smith, I don’t know if you are aware of it, but it has come to my attention, the government is now borrowing 46 cents of every dollar our Nation spends, this up from the 40 cents being spent just two years ago, and I am very worried you have allowed fools to enter the accounting department, and they are just simply not as good at accounting as you are at keeping the maintenance and cleanliness of the facility properly accomplished, meeting high standards we should all strive for.

As I said, I would address this issue to the department heads, but for some reason, they seem to have greater respect for politicians than they have for The Sovereign People who are The United States.  They have gone behind your back and are doing all sorts of things which are not only immoral, but entirely illogical, and determined to lead our nation into bankruptcy.

Mr. Smith, I am hoping that as a working man, one who has earned his way to the head of his profession, you would be such a man who is able to enter the conference room at will, excusing your presence as natural, and by such, you may hear or see some of this foolishness, and be able to step forward and show these poor befuddled failures, you simply can’t just borrow and borrow, never expecting to pay it back.

Mr. Smith, I feel certain that as the Head Custodian, you are not given a “blank check” on payday, but have to have a family budget, plan your expenditures, and in general, act like an ordinary person.  These are the assets which you own, which those who routinely sit in “conference” somehow seem to be entirely lacking.

If you would, sir, please inform those idiots, the ones who can’t count, I will be sending my tax check in just as soon as they, with your vast intellect and extraordinary experience, realize they have to follow the laws of nature, and not only their own laws, because natural law always rules at the end of the day.  I would send my check immediately, but I am sure they have no better understanding today than they had last week, as they assured us all publicly we had nothing to worry about.

Mr. Smith, please reassure them, and help them get an understanding of economic principle as much time as you can spare from your custodial duties, because if they don’t get it together soon, I don’t think even my check will help balance the debt.

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