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by OPOVV, ©2013

U.S. and Filipino forces surrendered to the Japanese Army in the Bataan Peninsula in the Philippines on April 9,1942, which began the Bataan Death March

(Aug. 9, 2013) — Au contraire. No, I don’t believe it is too late. It’s not too late, it’s never too late, for as long as there’s an ounce of hope, a glimmer of success, the slimmest chance imaginable, there’s still a chance, there’s hope alive and well and blossoming into a positive act, even if the act is the last act. But we don’t know that; none of us can foretell the future. We don’t know all the facts; we never can know all the facts. And what are facts anyway except opinions that may be wrong, or the results skewed to favor a particular hypothesis? We don’t know for sure.

The earth isn’t flat. Columbus didn’t sail off the edge. When the first Atom Bomb was exploded it didn’t set off a chain reaction in the upper atmosphere, destroying every living thing on the planet. The moon isn’t made of cheese. Obama isn’t Constitutionally eligible. We’ve (hopefully) learned to embrace Hamlet’s soliloquy when he said that there are more things in heaven and earth that are contained in one’s philosophy.

When I was a guest of the military they sent me over to a little-known country in Southeast Asia. I flew non-stop from Travis AFB to Tachikawa AFB north of Tokyo, an 11-hour trip. I was the absolutely lowest Indian on the totem pole on that flight. There wasn’t anyone remotely near my pay grade but I wore the uniform and my medals and I guess they thought I was some kind of Secret Agent masquerading as, heck, I don’t know, because even the Admirals and Generals moved aside when I walked on by. Crazy. I even had the seat next to me empty all the way.

Anyway, after staying in transit at Yokohama Naval Base for a month they flew me to Subic Bay Naval Base in Olongapo, about 130 clicks north of Manila, where I was the guest once again of the transit part of the Naval Base, waiting around to get shipped out. The funny thing was, when I finally got “shipped out,” I once again flew out to the second most exciting time of my life, where the point of “It’s too late” is debunked.

Here’s the story. Just when I and the others thought that our time was up, that we “bought the farm” for the folks back home, the bad guys disappeared. It reminded me of what our troops of World War II went through on the island of Corregidor, for had they held out for one more day, the Japanese Army would have left; it was that close.

You see, the Japanese Army overextended their supply line. They were desperately short on every kind of supply needed to wage the campaign to conquer the Philippines, especially ammunition. They hadn’t planned for the Americans to be such tenacious foes.  Had the Americans held out for one more day, the Japanese would have fallen back; they had no choice but to fear and plan for an American counterattack. The Bataan Death March was unnecessary.

We’ll take back our country from the enemy and the traitors; from the destroyers of our Constitution; from the Fourth Amendment thrashers; from the dark of night raiders. I don’t care if you’re just a regular joe, or a congressman, never, but never give up. Never.


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  1. Keeping in mind what OPOVV just said above, brings me to ask the 535 in Congress…do you all want the American Dream to end now as we continue our corrupt downward spiral until America is a third world, lawless dictatorship? If the answer is NO, (as any sane person would say), then why in hell are these same 535 idiots letting a known illegal alien, lying fraud, jerk us all around unmercifully, abusing everything good in our constitution. Why isn’t this clown saboteur not now residing in GITMO with his buddies, whom he is releasing as fast as he can? America should by now standing proud once again as a Christian, English only speaking Nation, with no foreign debt, living within the rule of law, oil and gas self sufficient, where crime is properly dealt with, and with an honest voting system where we have to show photo ID before voting with real paper ballots. It is absolutely high time we get our damn act together. It defies all logic and is so ridiculously wasteful and so very, very foolish.