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by OPOVV, ©2013

Brown bears commonly live in Eurasia and the northern section of North America

(Aug. 8, 2013) — I may be wrong, but as far as I know, bears don’t have a monetary system. It’s pretty basic with bears: you work, you eat. Yet every four years, bears, as Americans, elect a Head Bear, a bear that kind-of sets the tone for how the other bears are to view the world, a Head Bear “World View,” as it were.

Some bears would like to be the Head Bear, the Leader of the Bears, while most are content to just live their bear lives without stupid interference from bear Homeland Security or other departments of the government that push a political agenda, rather than a overall macro-view of a bear’s place on terra firma of the planet Earth.

Of course bears watch television; that’s why they hang around cabins. Bears are in the trash looking for reading material:  newspapers and magazines, for instance. I don’t believe bears are readers of books; I think it’s a transportation issue.

So how do bears elect their leader?  How do bears get the message out that Smokey Bear is a better candidate than, say, Teddy Bear? By word of mouth, that’s how.

This is how it works. Bears don’t pay for advertising.  How can they? They don’t use money. Candidate bears just lay out their platform in plain language, unlike the printed word on the ballot in the voting booth.

Where do the candidates stand on illegal immigration, for instance? Well, Smokey Bear is all for deporting them back to whichever cave they crawled out of, while Bryant Bear doesn’t have a clue, or a conscience, about bears breaking our laws, about having no respect for our country, its history, and certainly no respect for the legal bears.

The end result is that the bear that ends up as the leader is the best bear for the job. It’s not because of how much money he raised. Political commercials are the lowest form of swaying a voter, for commercials aren’t selling facts; they’re selling half-truths and all-out lies that, if told time after time, somehow gain some sort of credence when, in point of fact, a lie, no matter how it’s told, or how often, is still a lie. “Hope and change?”

Too bad we human Americans haven’t learned one blasted thing from our American bears. In the wild, if someone falsifies a vote, or votes twice, or doesn’t count the absentee ballots, especially from the military, they’re killed, or put in a cave with bars.

Bears don’t falsify votes, so I guess “The Wild” is South Side Chicago, or the State of Ohio, or Philadelphia, or anywhere there is corruption. It makes one wonder which ones are the “wild animals” (Black Panthers?).

So, how do you want the next president of the United States chosen:  by brains and logic or stupidity and emotion? Choosing a leader by popularity over who is actually the best choice limits our choices drastically, because we’ve limited our choices from politicians, the root cause of our disastrous state in the first place. What, we want more of the same?  We should emulate our bears by getting the very best and not settling for mediocre seconds.


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  1. The predicament we now find ourselves in is what happens when you feed the bears. The bears get lazy and too much of a sense of entitlement so that when they get hungry but the hand-outs have stopped, or are not there upon demand, they go raiding cabins and rooting through trash cans for more easy money, er, food, I mean. And they can get very belligerent when confronted. So, what happens to them then? Well now, that all depends on how well prepared a person is when the confrontation takes place, doesn’t it?