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by OPOVV, ©2013

Are Al Qaeda and other groups rejoicing because the Obama regime closed embassies in 22 countries from a terrorist threat?

(Aug. 7, 2013) — The following scene is anywhere in the world; it could be a motel in Deland, FL, or, as the CIA would like you to believe, in some non-descript cave in Yemen without the comforts of home, which translates as out of any pizza delivery zone. Since all the characters in this play are men with the same name, they shall be numbered.

M1: I hereby call this meeting to order. We’ll dispense with the minutes of our last meeting and go directly to the heart of the matter.

M3: Point of order, point of order.

M1: This is highly irregular, but go ahead.

M3: As you know, I was the debating champion three years in a row in Oxford (jeers and derisive comments from the other members of the quorum), and I believe we should follow Robert’s Rules of Order, without exception.

M1: Let’s take M3 out and behead him. Just kidding. No, let’s get through this. I’ve a tee-off time, and it would be very rude to be late, so let’s try and fly through this. Is everyone in agreement?

M2: I’ll second that.

M3: You can’t second that, you can only second when the chairman offers a motion.

M2: I know that.

M3: Then why’d you say it?

M1: Please, gentlemen! Enough! Now, M6, please give us your report. Now, if I remember correctly, we were having a hard time maintaining recruitment goals, isn’t that right?

M3: Well, if you’d read the minutes from the last meeting you wouldn’t have to waste everyone’s time.

M1: Now we really are going to take you out to the dumpster.

M3: No, you’re not. They have cameras in the lobby and in the halls. They’d know who’d done me in.

M1: Please continue, M6.

M6: As I was about to say, after our successful Benghazi attack, where we filmed torturing Ambassador Stevens.

M5: Sorry to interrupt, but wasn’t he one of the good guys? I mean, wasn’t he getting us weapons for free?

M6: As Allah wills (choruses of “As Allah wills” echo throughout the room. And echo). As I was saying, we had a surge of volunteers after Benghazi, but ever since the Great Satan’s influence on our teenagers, their attention span has gotten demonstrably shorter, but I have good news! Since the closing of the American embassies, we are now way ahead of our recruitment goals.

M1: You mean to say because Obama, Bless his name, went all ape about being afraid of us, our recruitment is back on track?

M6: Exactly!

M1: Allah be praised! Meeting adjourned, I have a golf date.


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