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by OPOVV, ©2013

The sign reads, “Today we march, tomorrow we vote.”

(Aug. 5, 2013) — So you’re walking down the midway with your family in tow, walking by the barkers who are promising impossible sights, giving away the farm, welcoming you to believe: all you have to do is believe and you’ll come to your senses, as long as you pay when the hat is passed around or when you walk through the turnstile. They only take cash, and it can’t be counterfeit or Federal Reserve Notes; it’s got to be paid in real money. Forget diamonds, thanks to zirconium. Real debt is paid off in real money these days: precious metals or a bushel of apples.

The one barker that catches your interest is proclaiming something about “Immigration Reform, so you mosey on over and start to read the pamphlets. You read that the immigration laws of this nation are correct and adequate to allow immigrants to be assimilated legally into the mainstream population. They are required to speak, read and write English and have to take a test about the meaning of the Constitution and the history of our great nation before they are allowed to raise their right hand and declare allegiance to Old Glory and the United States, and only then are they given citizenship papers.

You pick up yet another pamphlet that explains why the first pamphlet should be ignored. You read that the government employees whose job it was to police the borders and to deport illegal immigrants have spent their whole time in government employment not doing their jobs, many of them working in the civilian sector while still collecting government paychecks. You learn that promotions and bonuses were paid out to these individuals who didn’t do their duty. You learn that because of thousands of government employees not doing their jobs, there are upwards of 20 million illegal immigrants within our borders, and a good percentage of these illegal immigrants are Muslim. Enough said.

Yet another pamphlet explains the word “illegal” in terms that mayors and governors are able to comprehend. About two-thirds into that particular pamphlet there is a subsection that explains “Respect for the Law.”  It explains that there are different degrees of breaking the law, that going 16 mph in a 15-mph school zone is not the same as murdering people at Ft. Hood while yelling “Allah Akbar!”  Not the same at all. It also explains that people who are in the country illegally have no respect for America or, for that matter, Americans, and if they had any respect whatsoever, they’d have offered an apology and left. They would have said how sorry they were for violating our rules and regulations that we live by, thank us for the stay and leave.

But they’re not leaving; they’re not leaving because they have not respect for us and our laws. So I say to you, “Are these the kind of people we want in our country?” No, I don’t think so. Who’d want people who have no respect for the rule of law and no respect for us citizens?

These illegal immigrants want to drag our country down to their level and the whole country turned into one big smelly landfill. Don’t believe me? Take a trip South of the Border or to any of the Mideast hellholes.

So this so-called “Immigration Reform” shows how far down our politicians have sunk, selling our country for their payoffs. I say we need a politician’s Reform Mandate: don’t elect any politician who isn’t 100% behind deporting each and every Muslim and illegal immigrant out of our country as of yesterday.

And as a representative of The People, I have spoken. While we throw the unwanted, unwashed and the undesirables out of our country, let’s throw in each and every politician who has supported “Sanctuary Cities” and this stupid, sad, and sorry so-called “Reform” Bill.

“Reform,” my foot. Hey, at least you learned something while at the carnival. Have fun and watch out for those “Flash Mobs” when you’re leaving.


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