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August 5, 2013

Rep. Stockman’s Washington, DC office is located in the Cannon House Office Building. The fax number is 202-226-0396.

Rep. Steve Stockman
326 Cannon House Office Building
Independence Avenue
Washington, DC 20515


I have been studying the question of Barak Obama’s eligibility to serve as President of the United States since 2007. I’ve done a great deal of research in my life, from a doctoral thesis through numerous articles and a few books on a variety of subjects, not to mention general interest research. I have never invested more time in researching a subject than I have in researching Obama’s eligibility and there is no doubt in my mind that something is seriously wrong.

Some will argue the case that he is not constitutionally eligible to serve due to the fact that he is not a “natural born” citizen and that those who are not “natural born” have an allegiance to the country their foreign born parent was a citizen of at the time of the American’s birth. I think this is a bogus issue. In my case, for example, when I was born my father was not yet an American citizen but rather the citizen of a country which no longer exists. What allegiance would I have to it?

As Mike Zullo has undoubtedly demonstrated to you beyond all reasonable doubt, the question of Obama’s eligibility is not whether he is “natural born”, but rather whether he is an American citizen at all. I am convinced he is not.

I am in agreement with Mike Zullo’s approach to presenting his case to you and to others. As you know, at this point he is not asking you to draft a bill which accuses Obama of being an illegal alien, as both his aunt and uncle are. He is asking you to draft a bill which calls into question the validity of his birth certificate and possibly his selective service card and his social security number. If the birth certificate Obama presented on live television is fraudulent, which it is, someone committed a serious felony, and we must find out who that was and why he or she committed it. Furthermore, if it is fraudulent, we have on one side of this question numerous reasons to believe Obama is not an American and no way of demonstrating that he is. The American people must have evidence that Barak Hussein Obama is eligible to have served and to be serving as President or we are being subjected to the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon the American people.

In any event, I am writing to thank you for your interest in this matter and for the courage you demonstrate in being willing to take it on, not that I am sure I understand why courage is required for this. I am also writing to ask you to encourage other Congressmen to follow suit and join you in this investigation. After all, if I am wrong and Obama is not an illegal alien playing the part of President, those who believe this entire idea is crazy should have no problem with the investigation. There is ample evidence available to prove the investigation is far from crazy, but maybe some document will be uncovered to prove what Obama himself should have proven to us a long time ago.

Thanks again for your interest in this, Steve. Keep up the good work and bear in mind that if you can manage to bring this case before Congress, everything changes. He not only is not “President” but he never was President.


Dr. Carl Semencic

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  1. In addition to CONgress letters, CONgressional committee should demand subpoenas to do DNA on barry soetero. Cross reference results with -illegal uncle, aunt living in US, Fred Newman relatives, Malcom X relatives just for starters .