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by OPOVV, ©2013

Is Obama carrying out the New World Order’s plan for America and the world?

(Jul. 30, 2013) — One of the advantages of being in the catbird seat is to be able to tell a blatant lie and have it believed by the truly ignorant.  We’ve seen them on television, those who are in the background of Obama, nodding theirs heads up and down as if they’re connected to strings manipulated by a puppet master. In a very real way, they are, skewing the employment numbers by answering the ad “WANTED: people between the ages of 20 and 30 who have absolutely no pride whatsoever.”  They must be willing to be part of the made-up background of supporters of the illegal-immigrant-Muslim-identity-thief-usurper de facto president Obama (who, by the way, isn’t even a US citizen, which is why he’s using a stolen Social Security number).  They must be people who care not if their friends or family recognize them supporting someone whose only intent is to destroy the Beacon of Freedom for the World; who are marginal complete idiots, leading one to speculate if they’ll all be able to find the correct bus to take them back to the institution.  Or are we to have some sort of “Alzheimer alert” that evening:  “WANTED: part-time employment to search for missing Obots.”

Let’s put it on the table, shall we? The Christians mauled by wild animals in the Coliseum actually happened, but it was due to a crooked and vengeful District Attorney who just wanted name recognition to get reelected. Columbus was a closet Muslim, the Holocaust was a “misunderstanding,” World War II was “that German thing,” and Benghazi was a “phony scandal.” The IRS had a few “rogue agents,” the NSA was a little too exuberant, and all other exposed nefarious efforts of this government to circumvent the Constitution have been written off as somehow “phony,” made-up endeavors, which stretches the imagination of us all including, believe it or not, one or two Obots.

The Obama regime is “The Administration of Lies,” of “Doublespeak,” where everything is the opposite of what they’re trying to shove down our throats. What’s “transparent” about sealing records? What’s “affordable” about Obamacare? What’s “Homeland Security” with Muslims within our borders, our military, while law-abiding citizens are targeted for being “Patriotic” and believing in the Constitution, of being searched at airports while Muslims walk on by?

It’s no lie that the goal of this administration is to trash our Constitution.  It will not entertain the thought of quitting the United Nations and kicking them across the pond, eliminating the IRS by firing each employee, and getting rid of the un-Constitutional income tax, replacing it with a Flat Tax (which is the only fair tax to one and all).  It maintains the Federal Reserve in charge of our money.  Think of it:  a private bank that has sole discretion on how to invest your money. Would you borrow yourself into trillion dollars in debt, forever being in the hole, forcing your family and offspring into a debtor’s life, branding them with the stigma of being fiscally incompetent? No, of course not, yet the global financial meltdown is one of the goals of the “New World Order.”

Hey, Barry Soetoro, or should I yell “Obama”? You want to talk about “phony”? You want to bring out in the open your lies and deceit? Okay, I’ll play your silly game, so let’s start with your PHONY Birth Certificate.


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  1. The asymmetrical usurpation of the institutions established by the Constitution for the Federal Governance of the enumerated powers consented to by the several States and their Citizens is no longer the creature envisioned when made, but not unpredicted.

    Socialism has been seeded, watered and nurtured by a “world communist organization” while the U.S. population was lulled into a state of distracted compliance.

    We are now all part of the useful-idiot brigade insofar as the insurgency agents are concerned.

    Protest and we are labeled, targeted and marginalized, sit quiet and we are remain part of the problem.

    However, now that I and many, many others are awake the seriousness of the situation is clear.

    Lives, fortunes and sacred honor will be lost in the coming battles to remove tyranny from our soil so that the posterity of LIBERTY will be born anew upon the foundational principles of the Constitution, the laws of nature and nature’s God.

  2. I would respectfully observe that the so-called “Flat Tax” is not constitutional. It is an unapportioned direct tax which is prohibited by Article I Section 9 of the Constitution.

    This is clearly spelled out by the U.S. Supreme Court in Hylton v U.S., Pollock v Farmers Loan and Trust Co, and Brushaber v Union Pacific RR Co.

    The Sixteenth Amendment changed nothing (even if it were legally ratified, which it was not). Article I of the Constitution was not repealed or rescinded by the Sixteenth Amendment. The Supreme Court makes that perfectly clear.

    The only class of tax suitable for funding governmental operations is an excise tax. The Supreme Court declared that the ‘income’
    tax is an excise tax, and as such it is voluntary and has extremely narrow applicability. If this is not understood, get a hold of “Cracking the Code” by Peter Hendrickson and study it carefully. Every American who is concerned about the income tax and the terrible damage it has inflicted on this nation should have that book and should read it over and over until the truth it exposes regarding the fraud that is the income tax is fully understood.

    The “Flat Tax” is not the solution. Such a tax will continue the unconstitutional requirement to provide private information to an agency of the federal government. It was never the intent of the Founders to allow such an outrage against personal liberty.

    1. Thank you for your comment jetdriver2,
      Sorry I wasn’t more specific. The point is that the IRS should be abolished, it’s employees cashiered and the money the government requires to keep afloat should be collected as a Point of Sale sales tax.
      My mistake, and for that I totally offer an apology.
      However, I hope we’re on the same page when it comes to the Death Tax, Capitol Gains Tax, Dog Tax, and the You Name it Tax. The government is increasing the taxed amounts and it’s gotten to the point where everything is double or, in some cases, triple taxed. The reason why everything is taxed, and OVER taxed, is, as the government grows by leaps and bounds, more money is required to keep it greased.
      I include welfare, food stamp, and Social Security “disabled” recipients part of “employed by the government”.
      Imagine if government employees, which is anyone actually cashing a government paycheck, doing the work for which they were hired or required to do, maybe spend 20 hours a week picking-up cigarette butts (Disclaimer here: I’ll grant you that 10% of government employees are responsible citizens).
      Kick the Tires and Light the Fires,

  3. I am a male. If I HAD TO ACQUIESCE TO THE KORAN AND SHARIA ( not my inclination) —- but
    If I had to in order to survive, I could. I am a male. I WONDER AND WONDER AND SOMETIMES EVEN CHUCKLE when I think of SOO MANY MOSTLY LIBERAL DEMOCRAT FEMALES ( Rachel on msnbc, Kirsten and Tameron on Fox, Nancy on CNN, and on and on -)- – hundreds of them who think they will somehow be SPARED THE RAVAGES OF SHARIA LAW. Yhey imagine that they will be treated like TEAM MATES OF THE CONQUERING HORDES! Some body should inform them that they will be abused, just like all submissive Muslim females OWNED BY A SHARIA MASTER. IF THEY ARE RAPED, THE WOMEN GO TO PRISON, UNLESS THEY HAVE 4 EYEWITNESSES TO THE RAPE. Good luck you old fair and balanced debate babes. I can not understand why EVERY FEMALE IN AMERICA IS NOT ANTI OBAMA AND MUSLIM.