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by OPOVV, ©2013

The Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights states that citizens have the right to “keep and bear arms”

(Jul. 29, 2013) — Their modus operandi was to strike in the wee hours of the night, just before cock crow, when the biologic clock in the human brain ticks the slowest. They didn’t want any witnesses to their crimes, and they feared recognition for possible future identification. They were the Gestapo, Hitler’s henchmen, who were recruited from the lower echelons of German society. They included the mentally-challenged, the sufferers of the “Napoleon Complex” who felt they had a need to boss people around, and the truly cruel:  the women-beaters, the shooters of dogs, the separatists who believed they were somehow associated with the military but, if they were, they’d be fragged at the first opportunity during a firefight.

Going to howitzer a fortified position? Start the barrage at 4:00 in the morning. Going to bomb Pearl Harbor and you need light to identify your targets? Try sunrise on a Sunday morning. Sending in a bunch of goons for a house invasion? Don ski masks and bash the door down, forget any semblance of humanity and live off the adrenaline rush.

Oh, what’s this? Guilty conscience? “Don ski masks” I suppose applies to crooks and cops alike nowadays, doesn’t it? But how to tell them apart, the violators of our Civil Rights? Well, that’s the point, isn’t it? There’s no difference between a SWAT team at the wrong house without a warrant and a gang of thieves for a home invasion: same result, your home is being invaded by people who have no legal right to break into your home and, as a consequence, you have every right to protect yourself, your family, and your property, by whatever means. You have the right, you are tasked with the duty to repel invaders.

Ever since Obama, his administration, government turncoats, and Obots took over the government, the number of home invasions have increased dramatically and, consequently, the number of SWAT warrantless invasions have likewise followed suit.

It’s not that the government can’t figure it out, can’t put 2 and 2 and make 4, the problem is that the government’s priorities aren’t the same as the citizen’s priorities. For example, the employees of the government are supposed to “serve and protect” the Constitution AND US but that’s not what’s been happening, is it? Muslims have been attacking our embassies and Americans, military and civilian, for years yet we allow Muslims to be within our borders and within our military, so 9-11 and Fort Hood should come as no big surprise to any of us, right?

This government is arming our “men in blue” as if they’re part of our military. I’ve got news for everyone:  we’re not the problem. The United States citizen isn’t the enemy; the enemy is anyone who doesn’t put the Constitution above all else. Show me a better document in which to insure the people’s freedom from government intrusion, where women are equal to men in education, business, the arts, medicine, where it doesn’t make a bit of difference who you are, that you are solely judged by the content of your character, where equality is the law.

Embrace your Second Amendment rights; it’s the only reason why I’m able to write this and the only reason why you’re able to read this. The Constitution, with its Bill of Rights, aren’t guaranteed; they had to be fought for and will have to be fought for in the future if we’re to keep our country.


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