Sen. Mike Lee Tells U.S. House: Scrap Obamacare Funding


by Sharon Rondeau

Sen. Mike Lee wants the House to vote to defund Obamacare

(Jul. 25, 2013) — Sen. Mike Lee, the junior senator from Utah, is gathering citizen signatures to urge the House of Representatives to vote against providing funding for Obama’s controversial health care plan known as “Obamacare.”

In a July 17 press release, Lee said, in part:

We knew Obamacare would be unaffordable. But now we know it’s also going to be unfair.

It is fundamentally unfair for President Obama to exempt businesses from the onerous burdens of his law, while forcing American families and individuals into Obamacare’s unsound and unstable system.

It is unfair to protect the bottom lines of big business, while making hardworking Americans pay the price through higher premiums, stiff penalties, cut-backs in their hours, and job loss.

It’s unfair to give businesses more time to figure out complex rules and regulations but force everyone else to figure out equally complex mandates and requirements.

This administration has chosen to put its own political preferences and the interests of various government cronies ahead of the American people.

To support his claim that Obamacare is “unaffordable and unfair,” Lee has posted links to recent news articles detailing problems and reported higher costs as the program is rolled out, called an “Obamacare Reading List,” also posted on Twitter.

Many Democrats have now voiced disfavor for the consequences of the bill.

The vote which would take place to defund the bill has been described as “a showdown with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid,” who supports the bill and runs the Senate.

Earlier this year, Lee published an e-book which he says explains why U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts was “wrong” when he voted to uphold the bill as constitutional in June of last year.

Some have theorized that Roberts was blackmailed into voting the way he did, particularly in light of the NSA domestic spying program revealed by Edward Snowden early last month which reportedly includes all phone call and internet records of people in the U.S..

On Monday, Lee issued “an ultimatum” to delay a budget vote due in October with 13 supportive senators if the House does not defund Obamacare, which “mandates” that everyone purchase medical insurance or pay a fine to the IRS.  Under the plan, 16,500 additional IRS agents will be utilized to enforce the individual mandate.

The bill requires that personal medical information be disclosed to the IRS beginning next year.

The IRS is now mired in controversy over its admitted targeting and delaying of “conservative” groups which had applied for non-profit status beginning in 2009 and may be the subject of a criminal investigation, according to an Inspector General’s report.

A vote in the House is due before the August recess begins.

On Lee’s petition form, this writer left a note stating that according to the decision in Marbury v. Madison, any unconstitutional “law” is to be disregarded, and therefore Obamacare cannot be funded.  We added that Obama has presented fraudulent images and proffered them as authentic documents to deceive the American people, necessitating the convening of special grand juries to examine the evidence and take appropriate action.

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  1. gigclick   Monday, July 29, 2013 at 11:34 AM

    This plan could be the stick on the camel’s back. With the money that DC blows in a week, they could sent every citizen for a master’s degree and pay for health plans at the same time but with this forced unplanned/jaded system run by Democrats, it is a disaster. Just imagine, they want to install Hillary after Obama goes off to his $35 million dollar retirement mansion in Hawaii! Hello!


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