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by Dr. M. Sidney Wallace, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Jul. 24, 2013) — OK.  Obama, Holder, Jackson, and Sharpton want an honest dialogue on race.  That is fine with me, but we must first set a few ground rules.

1.     If either side expresses an opinion, the other side must consider that as an honest opinion.   Just as in judicial (court) system, for a person’s opinion to be victorious in a debate, it must be supported by facts and not anecdotal or emotional expression.

2.    There will be no restrictions on topics.  If either side is not willing to discuss a topic, they must forfeit the topic to the point of view of the other party.

3.    Because this is still the United States of America, with all of our laws and history codified in the English language, the language to be used will be proper and nationally accepted English.  There will be no restriction of vocabulary because of political correctness (PC).  If one side endorses the use of terms like “ white a** cracker, b*****, hoes, and n****, “ then the other side may use the exact same terms without any reservation or repercussions.

4.    Each side must stay on the topic being discussed.  Going off on a tangent while ranting and raving without a direct connection back to the topic being discussed will automatically forfeit the topic to the other side.

After watching the bigoted television media, (excluding of Fox News), it does not appear that the race mongers want anything to do with an honest dialogue on race relations.  The only thing coming out of a debate on race in America will be the appearance of fools like Jesse Jackson when he said: “ Trayvon Martin Was Denied A Jury of His Peers.”  It is a little known fact that someone should make Jesse Jackson aware of,  George Zimmerman was on trial and not Trayvon Martin.

Do you think Obama, Holder, Jackson, and Sharpton really want a dialogue on race relations in America? I do not think so either, unless they can control the outcome before the discussion even begins.  The races are solving their problems even with the obstruction of their “leaders.”

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  1. Originally from Pennsylvania I never knew of segregation until I went through the Nation’s Capitol, Washington DC on my way to Perris Island. Race relations have always been a black racists cup of tea. The fomentation of these non-issues today, like slavery and reparations are nothing more than the progressives agenda to make conservatives feel guilty. I’m not guilty of anything related to race. Never had a racist bone in my body, but I am learning to find one. I don’t know about anyone else but I am beginning to quietly hate (God forgive me) the people who promote all the crap of equal opportunity, multi-culture, preferential treatment for those not willing to take advantage of the opportunities this nation has as if I am responsible. In fact I’m tired of being discriminated against by all of these race baiters. I liked Dr. MLK but I’m afraid his vision of America died when he did. The way things are going I don’t think America has much longer to go as a free nation, but under the control of an outside force like the UN or some other third world dictatorship. Sovereignty, what sovereignty? The States have basically lost theirs to our bloated Federal government. My HOA has created more and more rules that are beginning to resemble the tax code in volume. Pretty soon they will surrender to some City, County or State entity our ability to live our lives as we envisioned after reading and understanding what the U.S. Constitution says. I guess we were not supposed to believe it. There are so many educated fools that know only what the read in some book that promotes anarchy, communism or the like that we are supposed to believe or swear allegiance to. Half baked ideas without facts lead every action taken by those in any government organization today, even quasi-governmental agencies at the local level. Sorry folks, I think I went astray of the original intent, but as long as good people set back without challenging what they see and hear we are doomed. Semper Fi