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by Dwight Kehoe, ©2013, blogging at TPATH

(Jul. 22, 2013) If there had been any doubt just how much trouble this country is in and how intentionally the trouble is being perpetrated by that Divider-in-Chief, that Communist, that Muslim, that racist hijacker of our country who is ineligibly occupying our White House, this past week will have opened your eyes, your ears and your senses to the impending doom, chaos, anarchy and the eventual and planned permanent takeover of our government.

Looking back at all that this vicious wolf, in the shroud of sheep’s clothing, has inflicted on not just this country, but the entire world, only a fool could supplant common sense with the belief that all this was the work of incompetence or coincidence.

Speaking of fools, they abound, everywhere.

All of us who have been ignored or ridiculed for years now as we tried in vain to warn the people of just what electing this Constitutionally ineligible person would render, even we are ourselves astonished at how quickly and successfully this evil plan has been put in place.

What do Obama’s plans and whatever powerful organization which created him have in store for us?    It was clear, right from the start when he interfered with a police action involving a black professor and a white cop, that unity and harmony were on on the menu.

Then came the Trayvon Martin opportunity. This fell superbly into the game plan, much more so than an irate professor with a “white chip” on his shoulder.  This one, if handled correctly, could create just the tension and hate needed. Just so we all understand, the media, which only care about ratings any way they can get them, and the office of the President had full information on the thug who tried to crush Zimmerman’s skull into the pavement that night in Florida.

A full and complete description of that little darling can be seen in this Video by Bill Whittle.  TPATH presents this only to show our readers what these scoundrels knew, and right from the start.  So we know the objective of the media, and it’s no secret that the race hucksters are in this game for profit and the desire not to have a regular job.  But what, you say, could be Obama’s?

It is, was and continues to be, the permanent takeover of this government and this country.  

One might say, and they would be correct, that Obama’s latest foray into things the President should remain above and out of is because he really just does not like white people.   While that is certainly true, the beauty of this is that it falls into a large part of the game plan.  That is, divide the people by culture, ethnicity, religion and income.

The more the people are divided, the weaker they become as a whole.   With confrontations on all fronts, tyranny solidifies and grows.  But how, you might ask, would turmoil, civil unrest and financial problems provide a pathway to a perduring incumbency?  That will be explained in a minute.

But first, some very disturbing facts that can’t be chalked up to stupidity, arrogance or coincidence.  Recall what Ronald Reagan said about coincidence.  Paraphrasing- Once is a coincidence, twice is a concern, a third time is war.   The count, my friends, stands at a much higher number than three.

In The Planned Division of America

Obama has……….

  • Set out on a worldwide apology tour knowing that would instantly alienate 40% of the country.
  • Involved himself in a racially charged incident accusing cops of acting stupidly.
  • Falsely and continuously blamed the recession on conservatives ensuring division in the Congress.
  • Awarded auto unions control of failing car manufacturers while bankrupting the bond holders.
  • Closed GM dealerships owned by Republicans even if they were profitable.
  • Pitted the people against oil and gas industries by perpetuating the global warming hoax.
  • Raised the fear of what this government was up to by hiring Communists and Islamists to key positions.
  • Demoted, removed and even incarcerated high ranking Military officers then replaced them with persons more likely to follow orders. (Any orders)
  • Put the dollar on the brink of total collapse by printing money at a pace unprecedented in the history of governments.
  • The Federal Reserve floating $89 Billion a month in bonds which has created a bulging bubble in the stock market that will catastrophically burst when they stop the infusion of invented dollars.
  • Been using drones to murder American citizens without the benefit of a trial.
  • Built and maintains the largest data base of personal information ever known to exist.
  • Used every crisis and every dead child as tools to disarm the American people.
  • Allowed Russian and other foreign troops to be stationed in this country.
  • Helped overthrow every leader in the world who had been allies of America and had helped control Islamic terrorism.
  • Done nothing to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.
  • On several issues tried to force religious organizations to abandon their beliefs.
  • Hindered Israel from protecting its sovereignty at every turn.
  • Closed down hundreds of power plants across this country putting our grid system in serious jeopardy.
  • Created a “taker” class where more that 40% of the population receives government subsidies.
  • Built and fenced in an untold number of FEMA camps.
  • Expanded on or wrote new Executive orders giving him the authority to confiscate all personal property and material.
  • Armed to the teeth every government agency and stored billions of rounds of ammunition.
  • Continuously alienated the productive Americans by accusing them of not paying their fair share.
  • Catered to the Occupy hooligans who want what others have earned.
  • Inflamed the uninformed black population in the Trayvon Martin  case.

Any small number of these coincidences could lay the groundwork for disaster.  The whole of them represents a well-planned and highly explosive scenario not unlike a nuclear bomb with the detonator in the shaky hands of druggie in withdrawal.  One wrong move and boom.

To summarize the coincidences and describe more clearly
what this usurper has set the fuse for, here is what we have.

  • The Fed can no longer infuse billions of dollars into the bond market because speculators fear the danger in trading them.
  • The stock market sells off as big money people try to save the paper profits they gained from the fabrication of dollars from thin air.
  • Upper, lower and middle income investors and retired persons see their portfolios become valueless in just a few days.
  • Inflation and then hyperinflation hits and even reserve cash has no purchasing power.
  • Pension plans collapse and annuities go bankrupt.
  • Those on food stamps and those working paycheck to paycheck can no longer purchase enough food to feed their families.
  • Men will stop going to work for a salary that won’t sustain them and will begin looking for other means.
  • Power plants and factories will go unmanned and power failures will cascade across the nation.
  • Fuel and food will be non-transportable and unavailable.

Then all the divisiveness, the hatred, the envy and the distrust between all the people, as planned, will fester and erupt.

  • The Jews will be blamed and confronted by those who were told support for Israel and the Jews is behind the trouble.
  • Poor people who are beginning to starve and freeze will consider the wealthy as the culprits.
  • People will begin moving in on areas where they think there is food, fuel or supplies.
  • Not all, but most police will be hardened against anyone or any group which is not “law enforcement.”  If you are not one of them, you will be the enemy.
  • Confrontations which will lead to conflicts between armed citizens and National Guard or police contingents will grow to dangerous levels.
  • Those who have prepared will begin setting up defenses against those who have not.
  • Islamic terrorists and their governments will seize the opportunity to attack, murder and maim using any means which could include EMP’s or biological agents.
  • Obama will have no choice but to declare nationwide Martial Law and the suspension of the Constitution.
  • Any and all elections will be canceled until the country has been stabilized.
  • Obama will use his newly promoted officers to carry out the confiscation of hoarded food, supplies weapons and ammunition and root out pockets of people defending what’s theirs.
  • Those who resist will be remanded to those FEMA camps or a large ditch.
  • Blacks will be fighting whites, rich will be fighting poor, the prepared will be fighting the unprepared, the Jews will be fighting the Muslims, the Muslims will be killing everyone and each other, neighbor will be fighting neighbor and the DHS and foreign troops will isolate groups of people by area.

When and if the dust ever settles, the murder and mayhem ever stops, civilization begins to stabilize, what will be left is Obama, the President for Life and a world without America and an America without freedom.

Coincidence, anyone?

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  1. Dwight,Pure and simple, Obama has never BEEN the “President”. Obama has overthrown the United States and we ARE at war. Obama has usurped the Presidency during time of war. That makes him a spy under UCMJ Section 906,Article 106. See: “There is NO ‘President’Obama” here on the P&E. The longer we allow this situation to go on the worse it will become. We are in the throes of a Muslim Supremacist enemy of America whose agenda is to Introduce Islamic Sharia Law into America. Sharia Law is patently repugnant to our constitution and is therefore null and void.

    “ANY Law that is repugnant to the U.S. Constitution is null and void”-Marbury v Madison,USSCt.(1803)