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by Alan Bates, MD, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Jul. 21, 2013) — “Zimmerman was stalking  Trayvon.”   FALSE
Zimmerman notified authorities and was initially trying to keep track of him legally which is not the criminal act of stalking someone in order to commit a crime.

“Zimmerman profiled Mr. Martin.”    FALSE
It was dark,  and when asked the skin color by authorities he responded he thought he was black;  identification is not the same as profiling in a demeaning manner.

“Martin was minding his own business.”   FALSE
He was until he surprised Zimmerman, savagely attacked him and almost beat him senseless.

“Zimmerman did not need to shoot Martin.”   FALSE
Zimmerman was attacked at night and knocked to the ground and savagely beaten.  If you were in that situation and armed, what would you do fearing great bodily harm or worse?

“Martin was a black child killed by a grown white adult.”   FALSE
Zimmerman is Hispanic—not a ‘white man’.  Martin was full-grown,  larger and violent—some say 6’2” and 175 lbs.   The photos showing him at age 12 are irrelevant and intentionally misleading.

“Mr. Zimmerman must be tried by the Feds since he was found not guilty by a court of  law.”   FALSE
That is double jeopardy and a violation of the Constitution;  he was investigated by the FBI and no racist issues were found to be a part of his character—in fact, quite the opposite.(1)

“Black parents must now keep their children at home at night for fear of being murdered by whites.”
FALSE.     This completely  misses the point and ignores the facts of this case.  Black parents,  like all parents,  should teach their ‘kids’ to mind their own business and not initiate  physical attacks on anyone, much less someone they do not know.

“Zimmerman is responsible for Martin’s death.”    FALSE
Only if you ignore that Zimmerman was attacked and had all the wounds which prove that, including a witness who did not know either of them. Martin had no injuries to indicate that Zimmerman had inflicted injury upon him.   Tragically,  person who attacked and savagely beat the other is responsible for his own demise—no one else.

Questions:   Why was Zimmerman prosecuted?   Answer:  Even after facts reviewed by the legal system and law enforcement pointed to self-defense and resulted in no charges, the  Florida Governor’s  office caved in to race mongers instead of  following the rule of law and standing  up to their threats.

Why was the prosecutor assigned to the case not the one in the circuit where the crime occurred?  Answer:   politics can be the only reason as there was no other reason for the circuit judge which covers that local jurisdiction  to recuse himself except under pressure by the State in order to orchestrate a vicious prosecution to satisfy race mongers.

Why did the Governor choose State Prosecutor Corey whose ethics have been questioned by many others including a prominent  law professor in Florida?   Answer:  politics overruled the law in order to achieve the best chance to convict Mr. Zimmerman of a murder instead of acknowledge his self-defense.

Why did the DOJ use taxpayer money to help  fund a march and rally of  8000  in Sanford to pressure Florida’s  Governor to arrest Mr. Zimmerman?   Answer:  the DOIJ is a racist political agency within the Obama administration which allows armed Black Panthers to intimidate white voters at polls; which ran more than 2000 guns into Mexico which have resulted in deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and some of our own border agents; which refuses to investigate abuse of citizen groups by IRS;  which does not care about the massive numbers of black on black murders or black on white crimes; whose AG lies under oath and is held in contempt by Congress but still will not resign or be replaced by Tyrant Obama.

Why would DOIJ establish a hotline for ‘tips’ on whether Zimmerman ever did anything racist?    Answer:  Same answer as above plus ignoring the jury verdict based on fact and catering to race monger groups including the National Association For the Advancement of Colored People (“Colored People”?).   Their objective is to create crises in for the purpose of dividing and conquering We the People! It is all about diverting attention from the litany of scandals committed by the Obama Administration including Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, spying on Americans, and violating  the Constitutional rights of members of the press—in short,  destroying American culture, our economy and ultimately our liberty won more than 200  years ago.

The Constitution protects individuals from double jeopardy and endows Americans with the right to own and bear arms for self defense against threats both foreign and domestic.  Our legal system is based on due process and the rules of our justice system which assume innocence until proven guilty—except when politics are allowed to corrupt the system.    The State of Florida and the DOIJ  have violated the rights of many individuals and damaged the careers of others  by  prosecuting George Zimmerman for murder.    Racial factions and media morons  cannot be permitted to determine the guilt of citizens in the USA!

In closing, where was the media coverage and outrage, and the lack of interest by Eric Holder and Barack Obama, when 13-month-old  Antonio West—a white child—was  shot to death down in Brunswick, GA.,  in broad daylight in cold blood for no reason by a 17-year-old black teen while sitting in his stroller?  Was that a hate crime?  What is a hate crime?  Where is the outrage by all Americans, in particular white Americans?   Read the famous poem by Martin Niemoller  “First They Came for the Communists”  http://allpoetry.com/poem/8601069-First_They_Came_For_The_Communists-by-Martin_Niemoller and then go figure out the ‘big picture’.   Everything about the Administration’s agenda is about CONTROL of the People.   It is time for patriots of all races, ethnic origins, and religions to unite before ‘they’ come for you or your children.


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