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by Gunnery Sergeant John McClain, USMC, Retired, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Jul. 18, 2013) — From the beginning of the Trayvon Martin incident to the final outcome of the jury, The People of America have been manipulated by the press, by the man in the president suit, by race-baiting agitators, and by those whose sole intent was to keep this a trial and not a hanging.

It was criminal for a sitting chief executive to pass judgment on any legal issue at point for any reason; doing so on the issue of race was beyond the pale.  Allowing it without reaping, with impunity is an indictment of our society, loss of principle; “A People” listening to the siren calls of the racists, allowing the illegal alien to get away with the worst of crime among a free and sovereign People; the charging of a man with a crime against the evidence, a deliberate outcome intended, the man’s life put at stake with no remorse.

The Press once had as its calling the delivery of “The News” as its purpose, but chose to cleave to a political power play and was entirely complicit with the criminal in the White House.  This doubtless expected why he could take his stance. Simultaneously, the press has had to report the facts of the case as they came out, as in doing so, all of America got to know the prosecution not only had no case but never should have brought charges.

From the first police on the scene to the criminal investigators who went to work immediately, informing the office of prosecutor there was no crime, the actions taken were exactly right.  Only deliberate racial agitation committed by the routine race-baiters Sharpton and Jackson, along with the single person who, by our national standard should always be above “the fray,” but by his own words has lowered that office beneath contempt and caused this National angst.

Many went to great effort to pose this issue as one of race, and to their credit, sufficient evidence was in the open from the start that even those who wanted this to be truly a matter of racism against Trayvon Martin knew it was not.  While this did not keep anger from welling up, every intentional work of agitation failed, and all that they accomplished was to cause a few extra personal crimes, committed by those who commit the majority.

Those who knew from the start, this was simply how the facts played out, are the ones who are most responsible for the peaceful (relatively) outcome, and the lack of riots.  Those standing on the facts of the case refused to argue, and simply stated what was known, and continuously pointed out the lies being put forth for the purpose of ginning up riots.  The blacks who were angry at another incident of a young black man dying before his time had to accept the irrefutable truth, a very few acted out in anger anyway, but it was the majority reaction of “Blacks in our American Community” who made the most cogent statement; “We are not happy; we don’t think this should have happened, but it wasn’t murder; it was senseless death, and even angry, we choose to see this in spite of anger.”

I say this is a statement of the faith blacks as a whole have in believing we hold a place for them, as our family, our neighbors, our friends, those we work with, work for, or otherwise, and we hold that place solely for black Americans because they are a part of “us.”  We, The People of America are white and black, Hispanic, Chinese, Irish, Russian, people of every tribe and culture, and even when it is hardest, we can be “A People” by our own choice.

The right moves, the right words, the right undermining, and the outcome could have been different.  I believe the most important part was the constant harping by all who chose to, calling for nothing but the truth, and angrily making the point there would be a price to pay if the truth were not the rule at the end of the day.  For that reason, I say we, America, won Saturday.  I am proud of my countrymen; we need to keep it a great victory, and take home the lesson, too.


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