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by Alan Bates, MD, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Jul. 15, 2013) — One evening in February of last year, an Hispanic neighborhood watch volunteer noticed someone walking behind townhome units in his vandalism-plagued neighborhood and called local police. After trying to find a house number where he last saw the suspicious person,  he was on the way back to his vehicle when he was savagely attacked, beaten and told,  “You will die tonight.”   Appropriately, he pulled a firearm which he was licensed to carry and protected himself from great bodily harm or death by firing one shot while the attacker was on top of him.   The police investigated and properly determined this was a clear case of self-defense and that no charges were indicated.

Enter the usual race-mongers and America’s corrupt left-wing, lamestreet press.  Florida’s governor, fearing racial violence from outsiders, bowed to their demands by offloading the incident to state prosecutor Angela Corey in Jacksonville, who brought charges of second-degree murder (and at the last minute in court,  manslaughter) against the surviving neighborhood watch volunteer while denying him a hearing before a grand jury.  He spent 16 months in state custody.  The Sanford police chief was fired and chief investigator demoted as the state government bowed to race-mongers who had no facts about the case.   Subsequently, state prosecutors withheld evidence during discovery which violated the law as they pursued a malicious prosecution against an Hispanic, racially-empathetic man—while the lamestreet media doctored the initial 911 tapes to make it sound as if the accused was a ‘white’ racist in order that this tragedy fit their narrative—-the narrative of  NAACP and similar racist hate groups, all looking to frame the incident as one of racial profiling by a white man which  resulted in murder of a “an  innocent black child who was unarmed and carrying Skittles” (all false).   The media bombarded the airwaves with photos of the victim taken when he was just 12 years old while hiding the fact that he was a 6’2,” 175-lb. man with far greater strength than George Zimmerman.   To top it off,  the prosecutor who blew the whistle on the state’s failure to release evidence to the defense was fired by Ms. Corey!

Question:  Why is it that dozens of young blacks are gunned down every day by other blacks in Chicago and other metro cities but few are charged, nor is there any media attention?  Why is it that black-on-white/Hispanic crime does not evoke outrage by the white or Hispanic communities?   Answer:  Racism has become a self-perpetuating obsession, if not delusion, in the minds of some  in spite of these current realities;  moreover,  the left-wing  media is all too happy to perpetuate such delusions no matter  what the facts and evidence show, while ignoring the much greater problem of murders plaguing black communities in cities such as Chicago.  Race-mongers and the media race-baiters love the narrative of a racist ‘white’ man killing a black man.   Translation?   The press loves to create racial divisions just for the heck of it!

The State of Florida had no evidence to prove the death of Mr. Martin was anything other than self-defense, and each state  attorney as well as Ms. Corey should be disbarred for malicious prosecution, withholding evidence, and prolonging the detainment and attempted ruin of Mr. Zimmerman’s reputation by dragging out a process which should have never occurred in the first place.   The entire incident bodes poorly for Governor Scott as well.   While one life was tragically lost due to his own bad choice, another (and his family) who was found innocent by a jury of six will face threats to his safety and forever be affected by this travesty of justice wrought upon him by the State of Florida which carried all the way up to the judge, who ruled more than 90 percent of the time for the prosecution and even violated judicial conduct rules by interrupting the defense’s presentation in order to determine whether their client would testify before that could be known.

While there was tremendous effort by State prosecutors and the judge to get a politically-correct verdict in order to placate the race-mongers and the radical leftists at the DOIJ, the jury decided according to the rule of law and exonerated Mr. Zimmerman for charges which should never have been brought against him, as well as false accusations of racism.  The State and the media chose to ignore the belligerent and possibly racist actions of Mr. Martin, whose past record—suppressed by the State—showed numerous past incidents which ordinarily would have brought criminal charges had it not been for suppression by the Miami-Dade school district whose policy it is to ‘educate’ students who commit crimes rather than  report them to authorities.   Defense attorney Mark O’Mara’s comment to the press during the post-trial Q&A that THEY, as well as the State, were solely responsible for intentionally misrepresenting and sensationalizing this case as one of racial profiling and murder is on the mark.

Mr. Zimmerman and his team now have their work cut out:  pursue sanctions against the prosecution for withholding of evidence,  request  reimbursement of expenses incurred by the defense for time delays which resulted, and possibly file charges for malicious prosecution.   They also must go after NBC and any of the media hypocrites who committed criminal alteration of the 911 tapes and spread false information for the purpose of creating racial tensions and division.   Not to be outdone, the racist NAACP has requested that radical left-wing lawyers of the Civil Rights Division of the DOIJ file federal civil rights charges against Mr. Zimmerman.  America must stand against such tyranny, which is a clear violation of justice, as politics has no place in America’s justice system!







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  1. Where was Florida when this was happening!?
    Before There Was ‘Justice For Trayvon’ In 2010 George Zimmerman Launched ‘Justice For Sherman Ware’

    Irony strikes again:

    (WFTV) –In them [the flyers], he [George Zimmerman] demanded the city fire the former police chief, Brian Tooley, along with officers who refused to arrest Collison.

    Ironically, some of those same officers were at the scene the night Zimmerman was not arrested for killing Martin.

    Also see: Zimmerman Complained About Sanford Police in Defense of Homeless Black Man


    Question, since the lame stream media continually called Zimmerman a White Hispanic, does that mean Obama is a Black Caucasian!?