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by Sharon Rondeau

Trayvon Martin, deceased, left; former defendant George Zimmerman, right (Photo Credit:  Getty Images)

(Jul. 13, 2013) — The 29-year-old man accused of second-degree murder in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, FL last year has been acquitted.

A jury of six women deliberated on Friday and Saturday before the verdict was announced on Saturday night at 9:59 p.m. EDT.

The case was racially-tinged from the outset after Zimmerman, who is Hispanic, and Martin, who was black, engaged in a struggle which ended in Zimmerman’s shooting of Martin at close range.  Zimmerman claimed self-defense and sustained injuries to his face and head from the encounter.

Obama had weighed in on the incident, claiming that if he had had a son, he would “look like Trayvon.”

Trayvon Martin is said to have had a criminal history which was not allowed to be discussed during the trial.  Former Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee, who resigned from his job after the incident, said that the investigation was affected by “pressure from city officials to arrest Zimmerman to placate the public rather than as a matter of justice.”

The charge against Zimmerman was not reviewed by a grand jury allegedly because the charge was not first-degree murder, and prosecutor Angela Corey’s conduct is in itself under scrutiny.  Last week, a citizens’ grand jury issued an indictment against her claiming that she committed “falsification of the arrest warrant.”  Corey decided to charge Zimmerman “after weeks of protests and demonstrations by civil rights leaders across the nation.”

The Fifth Amendment states that “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury…”

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury – See more at: http://constitution.findlaw.com/amendment5/amendment.html#sthash.3FY42k8g.dpuf

Earlier on Saturday, a teenager threatened violence at his Illinois school if the verdict were “not guilty.”

Some news outlets with a clear bias against Zimmerman reported only one side of the story.

Police in the Sanford area were reportedly preparing for riots for after the delivery of the verdict. The Rev. Al Sharpton called for “peace” prior to the reading of the verdict at 9:59 p.m. EDT.

Update, July 14, 2013:  Extensive coverage of the Trayvon Martin case not found in the mainstream media can be found here.

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  1. Trayvon was a troubled boy from a troubled home that was following a bad path. The attorneys kept much of his bad past, drug use and other problems out of the trial. I was from a divorced home but wasn’t out doing drugs with tattoos and looking for anyone to look at me in a questioning way or for fights. His father is on his third wife and as reported on the news his Pastor said Trayvon was using drugs and was a troubled child heading in the wrong direction. Blaming anyone or any other community is out of the ball park. Where was his fathers mentoring? Seems he was chasing after woman rather than spending time with Trayvon. Let’s get real, this was a sad story but it’s being repeated in America ever day. Look at Detroit or Chicago, black on black, black on white violence. If you gave all these punks and gangbangers anything they wanted they would never be happy and would still kill each other no matter what. They need God in their life, not hookers, not drugs, not high line cars, not expensive cribs, not traditions of men, not more guns, not more tattoos, not more jewelry, not more killing, only the Laws Of God. It is refreshing to see an educated Black man in a suit who respects others and is a shining light to the Black community rather than a dirty-looking gang punk that would kill his own mother for another hit which includes any other “ethnic” member of gangs or other forms of social remnants of society that think they deserve what they have. Anyone can get a college loan and education will change many outcomes of people’s lives IF THEY WANT TO CHANGE. Throw in God’s Law and it’s a much better outcome. Death is swift and law-abiding citizens are tired of government and social corruption. You need to watch the old Roy Rodgers, Steven Segal, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson movies because that is where we are headed and it won’t be looking good for corruption in government or society if this continues.

  2. Great article, but would be interesting for the readers to see what the 17 year old Trayvon looked like. In the trial it was reported that Trayvon was taller and more fit than Zimmerman, but the photo generally put out in the press is of a Trayvon 5 years younger than at the time of the altercation. Is there one of the older Trayvon, Mrs. Rondeau? Thank you.

  3. It is so unfortunate that this trial occurred. I do not believe it was justified to even indict Mr. Zimmerman. The police had it right to begin with. Ms. Corey allowed herself to give in to pressure from the left wing looney’s. Thanks be to God that the Jury did not succumb to the same pressure. Mr. Zimmerman’s life will never be the same. Unfortunately he will have to look over his shoulder no matter where he goes, in fear for his life. One has to wonder who will hire him now? How will he pay the bill for his own defense? I hope and pray for Mr. Zimmerman and his family that time will allow them to once again live as normal human beings and that this event will fade from public interest and become a distant memory for those involved. I would also hope that the parents of Trayvon come to realize that they failed their own son by not raising him to be respectful of other people and the rule of law. Perhaps it was not their fault alone that Trayvon turned out to be a juvenile foul mouthed druggie and disrespectful thug, however in my opinion the responsibility lies with the parents for the failure of this human being.

  4. Simply put, I am glad to see that race mongering and devisive attacks against the people, as the government and the blacks seem to major in, just doesn’t always work. Having said that, Zimmerman probably now needs to be placed in a witness protection program or move to a state where he can walk around armed to the teeth.

    But I wish Zimmerman well and hope he lives a long and prosperous life.

  5. Vindicated ….!!!

    Now comes a SANCTIONS HEARING charging the State Atty’s Office with “Bad Faith Prosecution, Withholding exculpatory Evidence, etc., etc, etc.”

    And then there may be Civil Claims against SOME Media Outlets for their Malicious Intent with the selective editing of ACTUAL EVIDENCE presented ultimately at Trial.

    Vindicated …..!!!