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by OPOVV, ©2013

Does the National Security Agency need to know every communication of U.S. citizens?

(Jul. 4, 2013) — It’s an absolutely beautiful day, so you and your wife decide to do something you haven’t done in years: go on a picnic. You’ve packed and off you go. About a mile from your house a drunk driver runs a stop sign and plows into you, and the next thing you know you’re waking up in the ICU and the nurse tells you, she’s sorry, but your wife died because the medical records said she had an O+ blood type, when in fact she’s AB-, so even though the transfusion was a success, the patient died because her medical records were stolen.

Here’s how it works. Someone who didn’t have health insurance stole your wife’s identity, her date of birth, Social Security number AND her medical records. This lowlife had to visit an emergency room because of a sprained ankle, but before she left her apartment she updated her information on your wife’s records, and one piece of the information was her blood type, which resulted in the death of your wife. And it was all done on a cheap laptop purchased for a couple of hundred dollars. Yes, the internet is indeed a highway of knowledge.

It’s the information avalanche. Everything is out there for the taking, and even though we left the cookie jar unguarded, that’s no excuse for ignoring the moral command “Thou shall not steal.”

We expect our government to spy on our enemies, even our allies. We expect business to keep tabs on its competition, but what we don’t expect is our very own government spying on us, its law-abiding citizens. Think what you will of Edward Snowden, he opened our eyes to the fact that everything about us has been collected and saved by our government. The IRS, NAS and every other government agency has shared with each other and combined that information with every private agency that it extracted information from to create a database on each and every one of us, and they save it. Forever.

Okay, the question that begs to be asked is “Why?” Why would anyone be concerned with us, to conduct vast searches for what we watch on television, what books we check out from our local library, what we eat and drink? The obvious answer is in one word: control. But is that it, is that all? I don’t think so; I think there’s more to be found in the insane maze of Government Think.

Let’s define “Government Think” as: they do whatever than can because they can. This kind of overt action against our privacy is the end result of the turning of our backs on the moral imperative “Thou shall not steal.”

And because we don’t detect and prosecute thieves as we once did, and there’s no better example than when a child goes missing they interview the registered sex offenders in the area, you just lost your wife to a whole system based on the corruption of basic Judeo-Christian morals that’s been exposed by Edward Snowden.

Your wife is dead, your children motherless, all because of the failure for some to live righteous lives, or at least more righteously than being responsible for the death of another human because of sloth, greed, and moral decay.



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  1. I was in the military in the 70’s when you didn’t ask too many questions against the system but you followed orders and learned about how things had been done and were then being done and you learned and progressed. Eventually, if you were average or above intelligence, you progressed to the point where you discovered you were becoming self efficient and you were learning at a fast pace. Today I see vast differences in the way knowledge is dissipated and learned, I also see huge gaps in many areas over the last decades to 2013 and many of the “mentoring processes” were eliminated for people to keep and hoard job control allowing many people that should have been removed from their jobs to remain in power-controlling who gets trained and to not threaten their “position” destroying fairness and advancement of talented people rather than the “entitlement/criminal mind” that believes they own everyone where they work and the company also, I have seen it most of my life and seen many good potentially excellent employees get crushed or pushed out the door.