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by JB Williams, ©2013

Mohamed Morsi was backed by The Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama regime as president of Egypt. He was ousted after millions of people took to the streets to protest his dictatorial seizing of powers during the year he was in office and the dire economic situation in their nation.

(Jul. 3, 2013) — One day before America celebrates its Independence Day, freedom, liberty and justice for all in a nation which no longer appears willing to fight for those things, the people of Egypt seized control of their own destiny by ousting the Muslim Brotherhood from power, a government placed in power by Barack Hussein Obama after toppling the Mubarak regime.

Despite calls from the Obama Administration over the last 48 hours asking the Egyptian military to stay out of it, the Egyptian military took action to avoid regime violence against the protesters and ended the Muslim Brotherhood’s destructive grip.

Taking a firm stand with the people of Egypt who had taken to the streets by the millions to reject the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sharia Law and Islamic government, the Egyptian Army removed President Morsi by military coup d’état.

Failing to step down from power at the demand of the people, Morsi was removed from power by the Egyptian Army. This spells disaster for the Obama-Clinton foreign policy of toppling the sovereign foreign governments in Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia, and amassing troops on the border of Syria right now.

Obama and Clinton lied to the people of Egypt and the world when they toppled the Mubarak regime under the guise of supporting the people of Egypt and their revolution for freedom and liberty. The faux revolution, the so-called “Arab Spring” was the work of the Obama-Clinton State Department, with the help of Obama Community Organizers Ayers and Dohrn.

But this revolution is very real and it has ended the reign of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. This one isn’t being run by Obama, Clinton, Kerry, McCain and Graham.

No Muslim Brotherhood – No Sharia Law – No despotic government – No waiting for the next election – The message was quite clear!

Millions of Egyptians filled the streets of Cairo for days, carrying signs that said – “Obama, your b*****is our dictator…” and “Wake up America, Obama backs a fascist regime in Egypt…” and “Obama supports terrorism…”

The people of Egypt are doing exactly what Americans should have done long before now. As spineless Americans wring their hands and gnash their teeth, watching the Obama regime destroy their country and operating against the majority will of Americans, the people of Egypt seized control of their own destiny.

Like Obama, Morsi was fraudulently forced into power through a bogus election run by Obama’s State Department under the direction of Hillary Clinton. Like Obama, Morsi interpreted the outcome of his 52-48 election as some kind of mandate to run roughshod over the people of Egypt.

Back in America, Obama’s fraudulent elections in 2008 and 2012 didn’t even enjoy the popular support margin that Morsi enjoyed in Egypt and Obama’s policies are not opposed by the minority of Americans, but rather by the vast majority.

Our so-called “constitutional Congress” has done nothing to stop the Obama regime from destroying the United States of America and our so-called “constitutional Supreme Court” has only run legal cover for the anti-American Obama regime.

It appears that Egypt is the new worldwide home of the brave and land of the soon-to-be-free. The people of Egypt didn’t sit around in Tea Party clutches plotting the next ineligible candidate to replace their evil government in the next election. They took to the streets and forced the Egyptian military to stand with the people of Egypt.

Newsrooms all over the world are calling it a military coup, but that’s not actually what it is…

In any constitutional democracy, the military is not the force of the government, but rather the force of the people. Just as the United States Military is sworn to protect and defend the people of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, the Egyptian military under their new constitution is sworn to protect that constitution and the people of Egypt, not some puppet Islamic dictator installed by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

When American Tea Partiers took to the streets of DC in 2009 to protest anti-American crime and corruption in the Obama regime, it was like a church group on a 24-hour sightseeing vacation to the nation’s capital. Nothing was demanded and nothing was accomplished, and as a result, nobody has been able to muster that number in DC since.

But when millions of Egyptians took to the streets of Cairo, they stayed with specific demands and only grew in number until their demands were met by the Egyptian Army, one day before America is set to celebrate July 4th.

In my last piece, I stated that the destiny of America was still in the hands of the people and that is true.

If Americans decide to do nothing, they will have decided their fate. If they decide to do the wrong things, they will have decided the fate of the nation. If the people decide to do the right things, but in a fragmented, fractured and impotent fashion, they will have determined their own destiny.

However, if the people decide to do the right things, the right way, at the right moment, unified and refusing to accept “no” for an answer, they will seize control of their destiny once again, just as their forefathers did some 230 years ago.

No matter what the American people decide, the future of America is indeed in their hands.

As for the people of Egypt… It seems they finally grasped the teachings of America’s Founders, if only America will now take a lesson from the people of Egypt. They have chosen freedom and rejected Islamic tyranny under Sharia Law and Obama’s puppet.

Pay attention, America – The people of Egypt just showed you the way to freedom and they did it peacefully in a part of the world where peace has never been known. It wasn’t a military coup; it was the power of the new Egyptian Constitution.


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  1. Can learn from the Egyptians… Egypt’s Army gave an ultimatum to their Dictator Morsi, now it’s our turn for our US Military to do the same to our Dictator Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood accomplices. Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood have now been removed from power. Mind you, it would help greatly if the American people would mass assemble in Washington, DC such as the folks are doing in Cairo. Maybe we like Dictators more than the Egyptians do???